Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Dear Film Tome Travelers,

Last week I launched a new website, Cineflect. For all intents and purposes it will be replacing all my previous posting efforts and curating duties involved with The Film Tome. There are a multitude of reasons for this change, all of which have or will result in a better experience for myself, all affiliated and anyone who reads/listens/watches. While I will no longer be posting new content to The Film Tome, I am keeping the blog alive as record and library. There is a lot of information and analysis here to sift through.

Below is a large excerpt of the Welcome page on Cineflect:

"There are countless websites devoted to cinema and any of its alluring branches. Perhaps you already have a few or a few too many that you visit for all your film knowledge needs. I know I do. One thing I have noticed about practically all of them is the endless onslaught of news and rumors of news. It can get noisy, cluttered and overwhelming. At the end of every Twitter-filled day my head is left spinning about what came out and who said what. In an attempt to have a place of clarity and focus I have set up Cineflect.

My primary aim is to deliver deep and meaningful content in the most simple and visually-relaxing way possible. Everything from the main navigation to the color tones are designed to that end. Furthermore, the content is not a quick-and-dirty post aiming to meet a quota or serve as click bait on a slow news day. In fact, here at Cineflect, news is the least of our worries. We care about film, first and foremost, as an artform and an evolved method of storytelling. It is never "a slow news day" when you have the whole history of cinema at your disposal.

This is not to imply we will lack relevant or timely posts. As cinephiles we are aware of what is going on around us and we cannot help but address the pertinent issues of our day and the exciting movies of our time. But we will focus on what is out in the wild and available for your consumption as well as ours. There are enough sites with the latest production stills and press releases. They do a good job at that. Let’s leave them to it while we have a conversation about what films we have actually seen.

In 2010 I launched The Film Tome, my blog about movies. Since then I have updated it with hundreds of posts. I have spent countless hours researching, writing and assembling those posts. Very rarely did the service I was using publish or present the content in a manner that I found aesthetically pleasing. It was a long and frustrating endeavor, a passion project with a significant stumbling block between myself and the reader. I am a bit somber, quite proud but mostly relieved to seal The Film Tome. Without The Film Tome, Cineflect would not be possible. Yet without it I feel my true vision coming closer to fruition."

I thank you for your readership and encourage you to stay connected at Cineflect.

J.S. Lewis