Friday, May 30, 2014


In honor of A Million Ways to Die in the West hitting theaters this weekend MOVIECLIPS decided to celebrate all the diverse ways in which characters meet their untimely ends in the movies. I helped curate this gruesome and ridiculous list. Please enjoy, though it’s not recommended for the squeamish.

Now that you’ve just literally seen a hundred ways to die you know how much carnage that is. Now imagine 10,000 X that. That would truly be “a million ways to die.” How many onscreen deaths do you think we’ll actually see in A Million Ways to Die in the West? I’m going to attempt to count the deaths in Seth MacFarlane’s new Western comedy and send the results to, a nice resource for finding out just how many people bit the dust in your favorite movies. The only problem is they don’t seem to update it very often or have that reputable of a database to begin with.

1 down. 999,999 to go.

Feel free to guesstimate in the comments below or share any of your favorite movie deaths (video links are preferred).

"A million ways to die in the West isn't cool, you know what's cool? A billion ways to die in the West."

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