Sunday, March 9, 2014


Instant Trailer Review or True Detective Season 2?

Back when I listed my most anticipated films of 2013 I was sure to included Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. The film didn’t even start shooting until last year and the release date was (understandably) pushed back to this year. And again, it made my list of the most anticipated films of 2014. I actually think it is going to happen this time. The best vote of confidence for its release came earlier this week in the form of the first teaser trailer. Here David and I look it over and talk it over for in our first-ever black-and-white Instant Trailer Review for MOVIECLIPS:

As I mentioned in the video, this is a most belated release. Sin City hit theaters back in 2005 and a sequel should have come a couple years after, three at the most. I remember hearing about it for years but it got pushed back further and further. Late is better than never, for fans, but it might not be for the studios behind. Odd too that 300 (2006), another Frank Miller adaptation, also got a very late prequel in 300: Rise of an Empire. It’s new in theaters this week. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theaters on August 22nd. Did you see the first film? What do you think about this late follow-up? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

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