Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hello, beautiful movie people! This morning the nominees for the 86th Oscars were announced. You can read them all here or you can watch this video (powered by MOVIECLIPS) where we highlight most of the categories. By clicking on any movie poster you will taken to a playlist with more video content for that specific film or person. This morning I donned a suit and tie for the occasion; here myself, Sam and Jimmy share our immediate reactions to the major nominations.

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

The biggest news here are some noticeable “snubs,” namely Inside Llewyn Davis all around (it received only two nominations: Cinematography and Sound Mixing - this is unforgivable), no Tom Hanks or Joaquin Phoenix for best actor, and a handful of would-be Oscar potential (Saving Mr. Banks, The Butler, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) getting hardly to no love at all.

American Hustle (2013)

Perhaps the gravest of the Oscar snubs was not acknowledging the gorgeous hairstyling in American Hustle: Bale's comb-over, Adam's hot mess, Cooper's curls, Lawrence's tossed salad and Renner's posh pompadour! Hustle otherwise tied with Gravity for most nominations at 10 apiece Literally every category could be scoured and once I've seen all the nominated film (yes, including all the shorts) I will weigh in on my annual WILL win, SHOULD win, SHOULD be nominated list. Expect that sometime next month.

Alone Yet Not Alone (2013)

Unfortunately, my quest to see all the nominated films will prove especially challenging this year with the likes of Alone Yet Not Alone, a film almost nobody had heard of before this morning. Matt Singer and others have since helped to shed light on the film, which sounds all the more astonishing to have actually been nominated. Surely it’s titular song (the only thing it could have possibly been nominated for) won’t be performed at the ceremony, though I cannot think of a recent telecast that did not have all the nominated songs performed. This one will be particularly tough to track down and watch (and then sit through). Otherwise a few of the foreign titles and the animated feature nominee Ernest & Celestine (itself a foreign film) will require some diligent seeking as well. I will soon be updating the “2013 Film I Want To See Before The Film Tome Awards” lists to reflect the nominees I still need to catch up with.

Finally, here’s Todd Leopold reporting on “5 Things We Learned From Oscar Nominations.” The Oscars themselves will be on Sunday, March 2nd. Plan accordingly. Expect much more coverage and preparation before then here on The Film Tome.

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