Friday, January 17, 2014


The Oscar nominees were announced yesterday! In recent years one of my favorite parts about this was knowing that a tribute to films and filmmakers snubbed by the Academy would soon be incoming, specifically in a memorium cut by Nick Bosworth for JoBlo’s YouTube channel. Just 24 hours after the nominee telecast the above video went live and I immediately found some of my spurned favorites getting the recognition they deserved. I’ve said it before, there’s few better ways to honor the movies than to craft a video project like this.

Spring Breakers (2013)

From Spring Breakers to Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom the video tribute contains a wide range of films that showcase a wider palette of tastes than we could expect from the mostly white, mostly male, mostly over-the-hill members of the Academy. Surely most of these guys didn’t even see Evil Dead or Only God Forgives (also featured in the mash-up). You will also likely notice the inclusion of Blue Is the Warmest Color, while not eligible it may still not have been impossible. I will personally weigh in on my annual WILL win, SHOULD win, SHOULD be nominated list sometime next month, but I doubt you can expect me to have the self-control to be as reasonable or realistic with my opinions. That’s one thing that Bosworth’s video actually is. There’s room for some of his proposed inclusions and possible, if not entirely likely, substitutions.

What films and categories were you happy to see in “Snubbed 2014 - An Oscar Tribute”? What’s missing? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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