Friday, November 15, 2013


Yesterday the trailer for Noah was released causing many to consider the filmography of Darren Aronofsky and where he's come since his feature-length debut 15 years ago, Pi. In preparation for an upcoming auteur piece on this American director I wanted to poll The Film Tome readers as to their favorite of his five released films. Full disclosure, I voted for The Wrestler but The Fountain was not far behind. Chuck, can you please show everyone where they can locate the poll and vote for themselves.

That's right, to the right my fine-feathered friends. Thanks Chuck.

Last year somebody cut together an impressive mashup entitled "Sounds of Aronofsky," which reminded of the incredible sound design Darren Aronofsky has featured and demonstrated in his films thus far. (And that on top of the usually tremendous Clint Mansell score.)

So vote away folks and feel free to explain yourselves in the comments below.

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