Sunday, October 20, 2013


In addition to my personal 31 Days of Horror (movie marathon) I am part of a 31 Days of Halloween (horror movie review series) with my job at MOVIECLIPS. Each day during the month of October we are going to post a two-man conversation/review of a different horror movie. Yours truly will be featured in a few of these. Today Jess and Zack reviewed Tremors:

(Curator's Note: On the horror reviews I did not sit in on I am going to be offering "My Take" if I have seen the film in question.)

My Take: Tremors may be one of the most re-watchable movies ever made. Like Zack, I remember this thing always being on TV as a kid and each and every time it captivated me. In fact, it was partly Tremors and partly these unexplained ravines on the side of the I-15 that led my childhood self to conjure up my unfriendly imaginary friend, "Giant Worm." There's something about these serpentine monsters under the desert ground that's endlessly fascinating and terrifying to me. To this day Tremors is one of the top films I'd love to see a video game adaptation of. Boy, the right team could make that great. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are the on-screen definition of a bromance. Their partnership (and the rag-tag crew they bring along) are largely what make the absurdity of it all work on human-thinking level. Also, I can't help but love that Southwest setting, part of my heart, always. Tremors is a genre bender (horror, sci-fi, comedy, Western, romance, action) that keeps tunneling through my memory. Someday I'll have to do a marathon of that series, even if the first is the only one you should be bothered with.


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Bryson and Tara said...

Ha! I forgot that this movie gave birth to Giant Worm. I only saw it once - many year ago. Totally freaked me out.