Thursday, October 17, 2013


Two very different films about Mormon missionaries have appeared on my radar recently (put there by my mother) and I thought it'd be fitting to tackle them together. First, The Saratov Approach:

Two missionaries are kidnapped and held for ransom while serving in Russia.

I seem to vaguely recall catching wind of this real-world event when it occurred (apparently back when Clinton was President, the only major clue the trailer gives as to what time this is taking place). My two gripes with this trailer is that the acting appears quite unbalanced and the musical score harms more than helps. Apparently there are better actors in Ukraine than in Salt Lake City, one of the missionary's mother completely derailed the performance train for me. That said, the Elders and their kidnappers feel real enough for what the narrative calls for. The soundtrack is fine, but not playing throughout the entire trailer. It's downright obtrusive. Unsurprisingly enough we appear to be given the entire plot as well, another tired and unproven trend in trailers from every corner of the Earth and every decade of cinema. These nitpicks aside I'm eager to see this and am keeping the outcome unknown to me if this trailer didn't already ruin the element of surprise. The Saratov Approach is currently playing in Utah theaters. Don't expect to catch it anywhere else, but keep an eye out for it next year on disc or digital.

Mormon Missionaries begin teaching two birdbrained members of the mafia who think the Elders are messengers from "The Boss" with a hidden message on the next hit.

It appears they have taken Mobsters and Mormons (an existing LDS-oriented comedy, not to be confused with From Mafia to Mormon) to the next level. Inspired Guns is Dumb and Dumber meets Analyze This. I don't know which duo is more dense, the sheltered missionaries or the dim-witted "tough guys." I'm definitely more interested in seeing Saratov, but this could (could) be fun. For who? That's the question. Will you be taking the gun and leaving the granola? (Mobsters and Mormons reference that I hope you don't get.) Inspired Guns gets its theatrical release in January, likely just in Utah.

I hope you dug this specially-themed edition of the Trailer Round-Up, I may be doing more of these in the future. Check out the Trailer Round-Up tab for more brief analysis on movie previews, including several "classic" horror trailers all this month. The original Trailer Round-Up Herds that you may remember will be starting up again next week, new and approved, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for flipping through the Tome.

Plot synopses courtesy of IMDb.

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