Monday, October 28, 2013


In addition to my personal 31 Days of Horror (movie marathon) I am part of a 31 Days of Halloween (horror movie review series) with my job at MOVIECLIPS. Each day during the month of October we are going to post a two-man conversation/review of a different horror movie. Yours truly will be featured in a few of these. This time Jeff and Frasia review Saw:

(Curator's Note: On the horror reviews I did not sit in on I am going to be offering "My Take" if I have seen the film in question.)

My Take: Often attributed for starting the "torture porn" movement, Saw has received some backlash and generally bashing in the years since its release. One I first saw it I had never seen anything like it and was completely in suspense at the mystery to Jigsaw and his "little games." I found the film to be utterly inspiring, not in the uniqueness of deaths like say the Final Destination films, but in the methods of its serial killer and the drive he would expose and push in his victims. I'm long due for a look at the entire Saw series having only seen a couple of the sequels, but they are also what helped sour the genuinely novel original. This is to date my favorite James Wan film.


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