Sunday, October 6, 2013


In addition to my personal 31 Days of Horror (movie marathon) I am part of a 31 Days of Halloween (horror movie review series) with my job at MOVIECLIPS. Each day during the month of October we are going to post a two-man conversation/review of a different horror movie. Yours truly will be featured in a few of these. Today Sam and Andrew review Rosemary's Baby.

(Curator's Note: On the horror reviews I did not sit in on I am going to be offering "My Take" if I have seen the film in question.)

My Take: It's been years since I've seen Roman Polanski's highly regarded slow-burn horror film, Rosemary's Baby. After recently catching up with Repulsion, which I view as the superior exercise in terror set in a domicile. Granted, the two films are chasing differing tails. All the same, I cannot deny what I remember of Rosemary's (played rather innocently by Mia Farrow) increasing paranoia due to her neighbors and the being churning within her. Add this to list of films I look forward to revisiting.

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