Saturday, October 12, 2013


In addition to my personal 31 Days of Horror (movie marathon) I am part of a 31 Days of Halloween (horror movie review series) with my job at MOVIECLIPS. Each day during the month of October we are going to post a two-man conversation/review of a different horror movie. Yours truly will be featured in a few of these. This time it's David and Derek discussing Joe Dante's Gremlins:

(Curator's Note: On the horror reviews I did not sit in on I am going to be offering "My Take" if I have seen the film in question.)

My Take: It has been years and years since I saw Gremlins so I am keeping "My Take" to a minimum. I recall an amusing romp in this sort of rebirth of the creature feature sub-genre. But the thing that sets this film apart is that the creature comes in a gift-size box and with the appearance of a pet, if not a toy. Furby anyone? In fact, such was the subject of a friend's (and guest curator here on The Film Tome, Bill Mullan) short film, Demon Toy. Never saw Gremlins 2. And haven't there been rumblings of a remake or reboot or long-due sequel? Sure, I'm down for revisiting and seeing the second for the first time, but they won't be high priority unless someone tells me otherwise.


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