Saturday, October 5, 2013


Curator's Note: As part of my job for MOVIECLIPS I help curate the Old Hollywood Trailers channel on YouTube. It's meant to be a source for trailers before the online HD video revolution of recent years. While there's still a load of 21st Century offerings there's a rich archive of earlier films which we only hope to further expand. Throughout the month of October I'm exclusively looking to upload trailers for horror movies new and old. 

"So, what do you guys think, ancient Mayan temple off the beaten path?" The poor American tourists in The Ruins don't stand a chance. As far as horror films go the recipe looks painfully familiar but the ingredients are refreshingly different. The omniscient trailer narrator's soundbites belong in a museum, "1,000 years ago, this was a place of sacrifice. It still is." Even though this is an advertisement from just five years ago it feels like something we don't see or hear anymore. It's enough to get a horror fan like me interested, hoping to be entertained as it looks incapable of scaring.

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