Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Curator's Note: As part of my job for MOVIECLIPS I help curate the Old Hollywood Trailers channel on YouTube. It's meant to be a source for trailers before the online HD video revolution of recent years. While there's still a load of 21st Century offerings there's a rich archive of earlier films which we only hope to further expand. Throughout the month of October I'm exclusively looking to upload trailers for horror movies new and old.

Curator's Note: This is the 1938 re-release trailer for 1933's King Kong (hence the titles like "STILL... THE MOST AMAZING SHOW ON ANY SCREEN!"). The original trailer is lost.

Taking the above note into consideration... still... talk about a spoiler-packed trailer! This shows practically everything! Assuming there were people who didn't catch the film during its initial theatrical run some 5 years earlier (i.e. those who were not yet of age), they would see so many of the film's big plot points and money shots just by witnessing this 90-second advertisement. Nonetheless, they do a helluva job selling the monster flick. The titles and narrator might as well be doing the same work as the producer in the film when Kong is shown in New York as the "8th wonder of the world"! That's before he break free, takes his trophy wife, and scampers up the Empire State Building. Hey, don't get mad at me, I'm just describing what the preview showed me. Were people in the '30s as sensitive about spoilers as we are today? Couldn't be. It's a strange development but that's the main thing I'm fixated on in this edition of Classic Trailer Round-Up. 

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