Thursday, October 17, 2013


Curator's Note: As part of my job for MOVIECLIPS I help curate the Old Hollywood Trailers channel on YouTube. It's meant to be a source for trailers before the online HD video revolution of recent years. While there's still a load of 21st Century offerings there's a rich archive of earlier films which we only hope to further expand. Throughout the month of October I'm exclusively looking to upload trailers for horror movies new and old.

The narrator seals the deal here with an introduction to Billy's life and, more importantly, an introduction (i.e. the guidelines) for Gremlin ownership. The most admirable thing about the trailer is that we never really see the Gremlins (before or after their transformation) aside from a brief shot at the end where they chase Billy and his girl, and even then we only see them from behind. "Gremlins, directed by Joe Dante, they'll be expecting you!"

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