Sunday, October 20, 2013


For the first two weeks I posted the line-up on Monday. I didn't get around to sharing this week's until now however, mainly because I was making it up as a I went along and didn't really know until I reached each day. I have a more substantial plan for Week 4 and you can look forward to that announcement tomorrow. Click here for more details regarding this young tradition and my preparation for this marathon month. You can see last week's line-up if you want to get caught up or are just interested in the proceedings thus far.

Check out what this week's line-up consisted of (I've listed if/where the title is available to stream online):

October 14th - Double Feature: Onibaba (Hulu Plus) / Kuroneko (Hulu Plus)
October 15th - [Rec]
October 16th - [Rec] 2
October 17th - [REC]³ Genesis (Netflix Instant)
October 18th - Double Feature: A Field In England / The Borderlands
October 19th - Double Feature: The Howling / The Wolf Man (Netflix Instant)
October 20th - The Innocents*

(Curator's Note: This line-up and marathon is subject to change based on title availability or unforeseen circumstances.)

*Special thanks to The Film Tome contributor Bill Mullan for supplying the DVD.

I'll fill you in on next week's line-up on Monday, October 21st. Until then, "Follow" me on Twitter or "Like" The Film Tome on Facebook to get daily updates on the marathon. Or, better yet, if all goes as planned you should be able to find reviews for each title the day after right here on The Film Tome.

Thanks for looking into the 31 Days of Horror. I invite you to play along, whether partially or fully. Also, it's not too late to suggest or recommend a horror film I should add to one of the line-up. Feel free to do so in the comments below.

Don't forget to turn off the lights.

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