Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Tonight I began my second attempt at 31 Days of Horror (for more details on this short tradition check out last Tuesday's post regarding my preparation for this marathon month). I kicked things off with Ben Wheatley's Kill List and I'm still struggling to shake it off. Whew. I certainly started it with a bang this year guys. Look for my review of that film tomorrow. 

Here's what the rest of the week's schedule looks like (I've listed if/where the title is available to stream online):

October 1st - Kill List (Netflix Instant)
October 2nd - The Golem (Amazon Prime)
October 3rd - The Bay (Netflix Instant)
October 4th - A Bay of Blood (Netflix Instant)
October 5th - Double Feature: Psycho (1960) / Halloween
October 6th - Psycho (1998) (Netflix Instant)

(Curator's Note: This line-up and marathon is subject to change based on title availability or unforeseen circumstances.)

Next week is entirely dedicated to Asian horror. I'll fill you in on that line-up on Monday, October 7th. Until then, "Follow" me on Twitter or "Like" The Film Tome on Facebook to get daily updates on the marathon. Or, better yet, if all goes as planned you should be able to find reviews for each title the day after right here on The Film Tome.

Thanks for looking into the 31 Days of Horror. I invite you to play along, whether partially or fully. Also, it's not too late to suggest or recommend a horror film I should add to one of the line-up. Feel free to do so in the comments below.

Don't forget to turn off the lights.

Updated 10/6/13


Trent said...

Psycho II actually isn't a horrible film, it would have been much more appreciated had it not been associated with the untouchable original.

J.S. Lewis said...

I love the original so much I'm afraid to go any further... Still regret my experience with 2010: THE YEAR WE MADE CONTACT.