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DISCLAIMER: Unless you are all caught up with Breaking Bad (meaning through Season 5A) you may not want to proceed. You have been warned!

Curator's Note: The most productive weekend The Film Tome has ever known is continuing with a special Breaking Bad edition of The Film Tome Report. The rest of the final season of one of TV's finest series ever airs tonight on AMC. Below you'll find a meth lab's worth of concoctions: interviews, articles, lists, and videos that any caught-up Breaking Bad fan won't want to miss!

My father, brother-in-law, and I all watch Breaking Bad. Since we all got caught up (with the start of Season 5) we've had a group text for sharing thoughts about the latest episode or predictions of what's to come. Today we each speculated about what we would see tonight:

ME: "Someone will die. Episode will begin w/ a flashforward like the first episode [of Season 5]."

BROTHER-IN-LAW BRYSON: "I think Walt will either leave for New Hampshire or get ready to head there. Also, I think Walt Jr.'s on the blue, or finds out about Walt."

FATHER: "I think the last 8 episodes will be nice and calm. Sky and Walt get back together. Walt goes back to teaching HS. Jesse settles down and gets married. Hank forgets about Heisengberg and makes Schrader brew full time. Walt Jr. gets into Harvard. Marie gets pregnant with twins. Everyone lives happily ever after. The big surprise... Walt switched from tighty whities to boxers."

Yeah, my old man likes happy conclusions to stories.


Wondering where you can watch Breaking BadAMC has all the possible (legal) answers to that question. PSA: Everything up through season 5A is currently streaming on Netflix!

Breaking Bad: Alchemy is available on the iTunes Bookstore and gives readers a load of insights, interviews and video to watch about the films first 4 and a half seasons. What's more? It will be updated through the remainder of the series! (Source: /Film)

Tomorrow, after tonight's premiere, Mythbusters will be having a special Breaking Bad episode!

Here's a written description of what happens in the first scene of tonight's premiere episode! (Source: /Film)

The Saul Goodman spin-off of Breaking Bad is "full steam ahead" baby! Saul is probably my favorite character on the show so I am ecstatic by this news. I'm hoping it all takes place before the events of Breaking Bad and that its final episode concludes with Walt first coming into his office in the guise of Badger's Uncle (see Season 2). I feel this will respect the great series the most, not to mention that I'm suspecting Goodman bites a bullet sometime in the next 8 episodes. What are your feelings on this spin-off? Voice any concerns or excitement in the comments below. (Source: /Film)


There are a handful of cute, clever and funny Breaking Bad infographics over on Vulture.

Check out "20 [Things] on Breaking Bad."

There's a Breaking Bad comic? For free?! Read it for yourself over on AMC.

Did you ever realize there's a proximity to violence vs. the amount of hair on somebody's head in Breaking Bad?


Needing a quick reminder on where Season 5 left off? Creator Vince Gilligan and some of the leading cast help fill us in.

Ever wondered what the full Breaking Bad intro would look like? One savvy fan has created this so we need not wonder anymore.

The teaser trailer for the final episodes of Breaking Bad is brilliant. It features Walter White (Bryan Cranston) reciting the poem Ozymandias over the show's iconic timelapse of the unforgiving American Southwest. It's sinister and foreboding what can only be a terrible end to White's life and those he has touched.

You can watch the full Breaking Bad panel from last month's San Diego Comic-Con above!

Here is the Breaking Bad countdown mashup that they showed at Comic-Con.

It's Weird Al's "Albuquerque" like you've NEVER seen it before in this Breaking Bad mashup!

Watch the cast of Breaking Bad go bowling with Nerdist.

TheFineBros deliver Breaking Bad in an insane 8-minute recap.

As part of YouTube's Geek Week (concluding today) RhettandLink present Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical.

Here is the Breaking Bad Season 5 gag reel... so far.

AMC presents "A Look at the Final Episodes."

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