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Curator's Note: The Film Tome Report had a month of inactivity but the presses are pumping again and the digital ink is wet. If you're a (caught-up) Breaking Bad fan make sure you check out the Special Breaking Bad Issue I posted earlier this month! Thanks for reading and enjoy the jam-packed issue.


1. Lee Daniels' The Butler / 72% - $24.6M
2. We're the Millers / 44% -  $18M
3. Elysium / 69% - $13.7M
4. Planes / 25% - $13.4M
5. Kick-Ass 2 / 29% - $13.3

Here's Scott Mendelson's analysis of the weekend box office over on Forbes.


This Week
  • Drinking Buddies* / 77%
  • The Frozen Ground / 60%
  • The Grandmaster* / 62%
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones / 16%
  • Scenic Route* / 75%
  • Short Term 12* / 100%
  • The World's End / 95%
  • You're Next* / 87%

Last Week
  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints* / 76%
  • Austenland* / 33%
  • Cutie and the Boxer* / 100%
  • Jobs / 25%
  • Kick-Ass 2 / 29%
  • Lee Daniels' The Butler / 72%
  • Paranoia / 3%
  • You Will Be My Son* / 90%
* = limited release


  • Amour / 94%
  • The Big City CC / 88%
  • Charulata CC / 93%
  • Killing Season / 11%
  • No One Lives / 32%
  • No Place on Earth / 77%
  • Post Tenebras Lux / 53%
  • Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's / 48%
  • Shadow Dancer / 82%
  • Twixt / 33%
% from Rotten Tomatoes
CC = Criterion Collection
* * *


The poster for Ooga Booga (featured in the last Trailer Round-Up) is terribly racist but true to it exploitative genre. The taglines are so bad they're good, just like the poster itself, the trailer and likely the film.

It's hard not to think of the brilliant poster for Star Wars- Episode I: The Phantom Menace when looking at this poster for Saving Mr. Banks. Still, this is a fantastic way to market the story for the making of Marry Poppins.

It's Forest Whitaker in the titular roll looking out the White House windows of time in the poster for The Butler. Lee Daniels has his name on there in big letters... twice! Read more about its name change below in THE BAD.

Also featured in Herd 114 was Mr. Go. The Korean family film about a baseball-playing gorilla and her 15-year-old manager. Hey, the poster sells it how it is.

Legit or not, the poster for Jurassic Park IV takes one of the iconic images from the first film (mosquito preserved in amber) and one the iconic lines from the first film ("Life found a way.") and makes one thing that the series may be attempting to get back to the basics, which in all honesty may be the best thing for it.

Jared Mobarak over on The Film Stage considers this month in movie posters

* * *


I haven't done an issue since Comic-Con, so even though this is belated I thought I'd share "The Top 11 Coolest Things to Happen at Comic-Con" courtesy of /Film

Woody Allen's latest film, Blue Jasmine, is currently playing in select cities. While it's the best Allen film I've seen in a few year, at least since Cassandra's Dream, some critics are claiming it's his best in 20 years! On a related note, Jordan Hoffman over at has ranked "All 50 of Woody Allen's Film From Worst to Best". Speaking of Blue Jasmine, it is expanding to 1,200 screens this weekend, the widest release for any Woody Allen film ever. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Each year The Hollywood Reporter ranks the top 25 films schools across the world. Here is this year's list.

Spike Lee has been in the news a lot lately. His re-make of the modern South Korean classic, Oldboy, is due out November 27th (yes, it recently got pushed back from October) and he has ran and met a Kickstarter for his next film (more on that in THE WEIRD). Well, contributors to the Kickstarter were given his list of the 100 movies every filmmaker should see. Most surprising is that he didn't put a single one of his movies on there! From brief glances this looks like a great resource to put beside the IMDb Top 250, AFI's Top 100, the Sight and Sound archives, and Spielberg's not-legit list in order to decide what are the most important films any cinephile could watch. (Source: JoBlo)

* * *


On August 5th  Christopher McQuarrie simply Tweeted "Mission: Accepted," announcing that he has taken over the coveted reigns to direct the next installment of the Mission: Impossible film franchise. McQuarrie last directed Jack Reacher, the widely seen but still under appreciated Tom Cruise action flick last year. I'm happy to see the tradition of a different director each time continue for what is probably my favorite ongoing action series this side of Bond. Speaking of which, director Sam Mendes (who brought us Skyfall last year) is set to direct Bond 24 and is rumored to direct Bond 25. More music to my ears. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Since last issue The Dissolve has emerged as the new go-to site for cinephiles. Keith Phibbs and Scott Tobias and several other writers from the A.V. Club have flocked to what is essentially for movies what The Pitchfork is for music. For more information check out "A Letter From the Editor."

Over on The Dissolve Matt Singer is getting folks excited for Fantastic Fest. Check out the lineup so far, including the U.S. premiere of the Keanu Reeve's film, Man of Tai Chi. (Also, check out what will be playing at Toronto Film Festival.)

* * *


Read about why The Weinstein Company had to change their recently released film's title from The Butler to the awfully-named Lee Daniels' The Butler over on The Dissolve.

At lunch today a co-worker referred to Harvey Weinstein as "Harvey Scissorhands." The first recent reason is the troubling reports that TWC is cutting some 20 minutes out of Snowpiercer for its American release (Source: Twitch) and just this week several people have been complaining about the inferior American release of The Grandmaster (Source: Flavorwire). I find this to be a terrible trend, especially since the context seems to be that TWC feels the need to make the material match the intellect of Western audiences.

* * *


Undoubtedly the biggest movie news since last issue was the announcement at last month's Comic-Con that Zack Snyder, fresh off of Man of Steel, would be directing a Superman and Batman movie (largely speculated to be called Superman Vs. Batman). While DC Comics nerd around the universe wet themselves in unison the rest of us were left scratching our heads. The main question seems to be "Who the heck is going to play Batman?" After Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, ending a bat-tastic trilogy, Christian Bale threw in his cape and moved on to the next chapter in his acting career. Rumors immediately began in the wake of the announcement as to who could possibly play Gotham's masked savior. Josh Brolin? Ryan Gosling? Richard Armitage? John C. Reilly? (Okay, that last one is a rumor I just started - but seriously, Gosling would be exciting, no?) More rumors emerged that Scott Adkins has audition for the role and that Bale has been offered $50 million for the role! Usually I strive to avoid rumors here on The Film Tome, but this is bound to be one of the biggest movies in our lifetime and I find the unending chatter around it to be kind of euphoric. That said, many trustworthy savants have completely debunked the reliability of that paycheck rumor. Let's get to what matters most about this film. I just don't see how they are going to meld Snyder's Man of Steel world with that of Nolan's Dark Knight series. They look/felt incredibly different. Not to mention how an indestructible alien and a deeply flawed human are going to be on even ground in a face off. What are your main concerns for this epic undertaking and are you as excited as those in Hall H where the announcement was made on July 20th, 2013 - a day that shook the superhero movie world forever more. For more on this news story check out the Newsreel segment of our most recent episode of The Film Tome Report where we also discuss the possibilities of a gay Spider-Man. (Source: JoBlo)

* * *


Lionsgate has announced they're working on a sequel to the middling but entertaining Now You See Me. People have been speculating on Twitter as to what the sequel will be called? Now You've Seen Me? Good To See You Again? (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Did you see Dredd 3D when it was in theaters last year? If not, shame on you! No fear, Dredd fans are uniting over the internet through the form of a petition to get a sequel made, though I'm really not sure if that has ever worked before. What are they going to call this one, Dredd 2D? (Source: Collider)

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Another month, another trailer mashup from my coworkers at MOVIECLIPS. Check out the last month in trailers in the best way possible. This video features state-of-the-art YouTube technology wherewith you can click on any image and you'll be taken to its trailer. Enjoy!

Hey LA peeps, starting last weekend Edgar is took over the New Beverly theater until his new film, The World's End, comes out on August 23rd. I hope to get out there for at least one of these.

Only God Forgives has garnered nothing but mixed reactions since it's release at Festival de Cannes earlier this year. I caught up with it last month and found I fall in the "it's a freakin' masterpiece" camp. Someone has taken the audio from the trailer (probably still the best trailer of the year I might add) and cut it to footage from the original Star Wars films, the result is one of the more clever mashups I've seen in a while: Only Yoda Forgives. Here is my written review and video review for Only God Forgives

The Wolverine is currently playing in theaters everywhere and it has surprisingly become my favorite superhero movie of the year (my review). Check out this awesome infographic about the most iconic member of the X-Men.

Scientific American has clearly taken Pacific Rim more seriously than most. Here's their first blog post on the film's physics. Here is my review of Pacific Rim.

Check out this TOHO-style trailer for Pacific Rim using the music from the mother of all Kaiju films, Gojira.

How much would it cost to be Batman? MOVIECLIPS has a pretty good idea.

In honor of the weekend's release of The Grandmaster check out the first of three animated Art of Kung Fu tutorials.

Finally, to get ready for the The World's End in theaters on Friday, check out this Cornetto Trilogy Ultimate Trailer by MOVIECLIPS.

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What if Woody Allen had directed the latest Wolverine movie?

Got Minion fever? Check out these clever mashups featuring the iconic yellow-bellied chums from Despicable Me.

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