Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Great news: With the posting of this episode we're all caught up with our backlog of episodes! Later this week we'll have our latest episode ready for your ears as well, so stay tuned for that (it being Episode 9).  Trent and I recorded Episode 7: Upstream Primer back in April to coincide with the limited release of Upstream Color. Trent saw the film back in January during the Sundance Film Festival and I caught an early screening at the LA Film School. We were both privy to screenings that included a Q&A afterwards with writer/director/star/composer/editor/producer/etc/etc Shane Carruth. Inspired by his double-punch filmography thus far (Primer and Upstream Color) we also discuss filmmakers with varied portfolios in addition to the usual segments.

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The Film Tome Podcast - Episode 007: Upstream Primer
Recording Date: April 14, 2013
Runtime: 1:06:54

(2:00) Recently Watched
(19:30) Newsreel: RIP Roger Ebert; Veronica Mars Kickstarter
(29:40) Trailer Round-Up
(38:10) Feature Presentation: Directors with varied filmographies
(48:50) Review: Primer (2004) & Upstream Color (2013)
(59:40) Upstream Color Spoiler Discussion

Shane Carruth - Leaves Expanded May be Prevailing Blue Mixed with Yellow of the Sand, Upstream Color OST (2013)
Shane Carruth - As if it would have a Universal and Memorable Ending, Upstream Color OST (2013)
Shane Carruth - I Used to Wonder at the Halo of Light around my Shadow and would Fancy Myself One of the Elect, Upstream Color OST (2013)
Shane Carruth - The Sun is but a Morning Star, Upstream Color OST (2013)

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