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Check out Elijah Wood, he's a "Maniac" maniac! This trailer is a pretty fantastic look into the life of a serial killer. Yeah, Wood is in much more of a Kevin (from "Sin City") mode than say a Frodo mode. While it shows a lot this trailer didn't particularly feel plot-revealing as we just glimpse one victim after another. The single most exciting thing to me about this film is the abundant use of point-of-view shots, and they look very well executed (second only to "Enter the Void" in recent memory). I'm disturbed by being dumped into predator vision though and wonder if the film has any statement or moral in its crosshairs. "Maniac" gets a limited release later this month on June 21st, be sure to look over your shoulder for this one.

Set in Victorian-era France "Augustine" is the story of a young woman sent to live at a hospital after a she suffers a seizure. This is the true story of Dr. Jean Martin-Charcot and his patient. This ever-so-softly lit film tackles basic neurology in a film that looks to take doctor-patient relationships to taboo levels. Thanks for making that all too clear trailer. Not! "Augustine" is currently playing in select cities.

Terrence, a stoner/surfer gets a summer sales job in "Sharp." He's oblivious to the obvious pyramid scheme he's been sucked into and moseys around on the prowl. Nick Nigro seems perfect for the role and we've seen similar characters win over audiences time and time again. This has the trappings of a very indie film yet has the flair of a Hollywood comedy. I imagine an extremely limited release on August 8th.

In "Europa Report" a group of international astronauts are sent on a mission to the 4th moon of Jupiter and then... crap gets real. I wonder if we'll ever get a movie about people going to space and something good happens. Nothing new dramatically or visually, but the praise it has garnered thus far is hopeful. "Europa Report" will be on iTunes and on demand come June 27th and in theaters on August 2nd.

Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch star in "Prince Avalanche," the newest film by writer/director David Gordon Green. Will this get him back on track after flops like "Your Highness" and "The Sitter." It's quirk in the woods as we (slowly) hit the highway with the men responsible for putting those yellow lines down that we all take for granted. I like a lot of the ideas here but I wasn't laughing by the end of this trailer and I think that was its goal. It's coming to theaters on August 9th.

"Somm" centers upon four sommeliers who are attempting to pass the Master Sommelier exam, an honor less than 200 people have ever achieved. I know little to nothing about wine (Alexander Payne's "Sideways" comes to mind) and for me this will be an illuminating glimpse amidst the most elite that the wine world has to offer. "Somm" pours into select theaters on June 21st.

"Fruitvale Station" was a winner amidst the jury and audience alike at this year's Sundance Film Festival. It's now stepping up to the likes of Cannes. This directorial debut follows Oscar, a young black man living in the Bay Area, during New Year's Eve 2008. Based on a true story about what happened with his run-in with police officers that night this day-in-the-life presentation promises to pack some emotional bags. This will be pulling into limited cities starting on July 12th.

"As I Lay Dying" is directed by its star. the eclectic James Franco. Tim Blake Nelson, whose face and voice belong in any early 20th Century, and Danny McBride, shedding his comedic type-casting, co-star. This one looks remarkably on edge up to an inevtiable breaking point, and very pretty at that. The film is showing at Festival de Cannes this month. No word on when the rest of us can see it.

The very pretty Paula Patton, she may have caught your eye in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," stars in "Baggage Claim." With a younger sister getting married Monica (Patton) feels pressured into getting hooked up herself. With some helpful friends, I'll be shocked if the male friend isn't gay, they get her playing the role of a flight attendent to attract some of her exes. This is another rom-com from David E. Talbert who is writes/directs/produces a new feature frequently. I'd like to think he's more than Tyler Perry without the name recognition, but that's really all I see. Will you be checking in on September 27th?

"Syrup" is based on the Max Barry novel of the same name. A young slacker develops an idea for a new drink and the corporate bigwigs pair him with an attractive ad woman to develop it further. Image and appeal are the buzzwords for these two on and off the clock. The dialogue seems to come a mile a minute, it's definitely the most noticeable part of the trailer. It's a pretty flashy ad in and of itself. Will you buy it on VOD? Also, "Syrup" gets a limited release on June 7th. 

Check out this trailer for "Don Jon," the directorial debut for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote and stars in the film. In this trailer Don tells us the things he cares about: his body, his pad, his ride, his family, his Church, his boys, his girls and his porn. Then enter Barbara, played by Scarlett Johansen, who challenges some of those things, namely the pornography  This film was initially titled "Don Jon's Addiction" when it played at Sundance. Earlier synopses gave me the impression it was "Shame" in the guise of a rom-com. The trailer is pretty funny thank to its talented cast, Tony Danza (!) and Julianne Moore show up in parental roles. The topic is an important one as it deals with the unrealistic expectations men get from porn and how that can affect their relationships with women in real life. Also, it seems Gordon-Levitt often gets to narrate in films: "Looper," "Premium Rush," and "(500) Days of Summer" to name three. "Don Jon" hits the big screen on October 18th.

Pack some extra ice into the wagon, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


Meet the Millers, a fake family thrown together by a drug smuggler to fool the inspectors at the border in his masterplan of bringing in a large shipment of weed from Mexico. There's your exposition and excuse for road-trip antics we've seen a million times before. They even manage to play a game of Pictionary (a popular and inexpensive scene for American comedies) at one of their campsites... Jennifer Anniston plays a stripper, new territory for her, and is brought along to play the foul-mouthed wife in the charade. Nothing here amused me except for an orca attacking a seal in some rich man's mansion - he's played by the Ed Helms (the rich guy, not the orca). This is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (what a name!) whose "Dodgeball" is a truly dumbfounding though still entertaining affair, though a classic if we're comparing it to what I see here. This is also a fine example of the pointlessness of 90% of red-band trailers if you care to compare. (To further push this point here's the recently released green-band trailer of "V/H/S/2,"the red-band of which was covered last Herd. A mere few seconds were subtracted.) "We're the Millers" plagues our nation on August 9th.


"Errors of the Human Body" is the story of a scientist who has breakthrough when discovering a new virus only to become his own first specimen. It's simple on paper but the trailer makes the film look so much more cryptic. Bizarre humanoids began appearing (hallucinogenic offerings?) and now I'm further sold on the idea. The film had a limited release earlier this year, look for it on shelves later this year.


The fourth trailer for "Man of Steel" is the best yet and will hereafter be referred to as the Fate of Your Planet trailer. It begins with a transmission from General Zod (Michael Shannon fills that role) to the citizens of Earth, informing us that we are not alone and that the fate of the planet rests in our hands... We must rid ourselves of the one not of our planet. This Superman. What follows is shot after shot of action-packed exploits, selling a side of this film that the previous trailers have not shown. I love the sinisterness of Zod's message from the beginning, such a cryptic warning that it has disfigured the very Warner Bros. and Legendary logos (though it feels largely similar to some of the Mandarin's tactics in the recently released "Iron Man 3," no?) For me that breaks down the fourth wall in a way that few trailers have ever done. This is one to remember should I do a top trailer list of 2013 come next year. I think I should. Until then, June 14th is gonna be super man!

Updated 6/8/13

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Bryson and Tara said...

Haha... Love your last sentence: June 14th is gonna be super man! That was a great preview. I'm really looking forward to this one!

Most of the other trailers on this post, however, did not interest me at all. They made Frodo into a serial killer?! That's not right. :( "Europa Report" is the only other one besides "Man of Steel" that I think I'd watch.