Sunday, June 9, 2013



This Week
  • Finding Joy*
  • The Internship / 33%
  • Much Ado About Nothing* / 78%
  • The Purge / 41%
  • Rapture-Palooza* / 31%
  • Syrup*
  • Wish You Were Here* / 69%
  • Violet & Daisy* / 23%

Last Week
  • After Earth / 11%
  • American Mary* / 56%
  • The East* / 70%
  • Hannah Arendt* / 95%
  • The Kings of Summer* / 72%
  • Now You See Me / 46%
  • Shadow Dancer* / 82%
  • The Wall* / 57%

* = limited release


  • 3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom / 41%
  • Aroused / 25%
  • Brooklyn Castle / 98%
  • Bullet to the Head / 47%
  • Eden / 80%
  • Escape from Planet Earth / 27%
  • It's a Disaster / 76%
  • The Last Ride / 44%

CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes
* * *


* * *


Joe Leydon over on Culture Map lists "10 Summer Movies You Need to See: A Guide to Avoiding Horrible Flicks." Hadn't even heard of "Computer Chess" before, making this list a valuable resource already.

In honor of "The Purge" here's Rotten Tomatoes with "24 Frames: Home Invasion Movies."

On Monday of this week Market Watch posted "10 Things Movie Critics Won't Tell You." I follow a lot of film critics on Twitter and they were greatly peeved by this. What do you think about these points? There's not enough time or space for me to explore it now, but maybe in a future post of podcast episode.

We Got This Covered is here to wreak havoc on your fond childhood memories with "Nostalgia Sucks: Five Movies You Loved As a Kid That Are Actually Terrible." I more/less agree/believe each of these. Yes, even "Space Jam." I am proud of my younger self for realizing "Jingle All the Way" was holiday rubbish when I first saw it.

* * *


The staff of The Playlist decides "The Best Films of the Year... So Far." I'll probably be doing one of those come the end of the month.

Matt Zoller Seitz is the new editor of Get to know him and learn the future of the hallowed URL in his first post as editor.

Check out the June issue of American Film (put out by the American Film Institute) for free, including a cover story on Mel Brooks.

"Kon-Tiki" directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg are reported to be steering the fifth installment in "The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. I've personally defended the first two sequels, didn't bother with the fourth and I'm not particularly interested in the fifth... until now. "Kon-Tiki" was a great achievement and a much deserved nominee in Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars this year. I'd say about 75% of that film took place on the open seas and so it's a natural fit. (Source: Variety)

* * *


"Human Centipede 3" has begun filming and the filmmaker plans on sewing 500 humans together this time around... Anyone else feel we should sew his eyes shut? (Source: The SV Club)

* * *


Matt Patches argues that "'After Earth' is Will Smith's Love Letter to Scientology." He makes some fascinating comparisons. It's something I know little about, but ultimately, even if it is, does that/should that matter?

Have you read "Why Hollywood Needs M. Night Shyamalan" over on The Film Stage?

 * * *


Want to while away your time with one of the coolest data visualizations ever? Check out The New Yorker's "A Galaxy of Franchises." What does one call these things? Physic bubble charts? Enlightening and entertaining!

MOVIECLIPS presents "Reasons to Be Excited - The Lone Ranger." As a Western fanatic I'm already psyched, albeit a little skeptical that it'll be a bloated romp. What are your feelings for it?

* * *


The Writers Guild of America has ranked the "100 Best Written TV Shows of All-Time." Did your favorite(s) make the list?

Check out the "Boy Meets World" cast's first official reunion. Is this "Girl Meets World" thing actually gonna happen? (Source: Yahoo!)

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