Sunday, June 16, 2013


This episode went live some time ago (and was recorded quite some time before that), so apologies that it's not the most timely listen. I've gotten behind in editing and there's another two episodes that have been in the can that will be coming down the pipe soon-ish. My hope is that the conversations will still prove relevant, if not more so as people will have had a longer opportunity to catch up with the films in discussion.

In this episode Trent and I briefly review "Les Misérables" and "Lincoln," two early front-runners for Best Picture last year. Usual topics like Trailer Round-Up and Recently Beheld are also in the mix. There's three easy and free ways to take in the podcast: Listen below, download below or subscribe on iTunes. Please share your feedback with us in the comments below and share this podcast with the cinephiles in your life. You can find all of our previous episodes here on The Film Tome or by doing a search for "The Film Tome Podcast" on iTunes. Thanks for listening and happy watching everybody!


The Film Tome Podcast - Episode 005: The President's Speech
Recording Date: January 4, 2013
Runtime: 38:11

(1:35) Trailer Round-Up
(6:50) Recently Watched
(15:55) Review: Lincoln (2012)
(23:40) Review: Les Miserables (2012)

Les Mis Cast - Look Down, Les Miserables OST (2012)
John Williams - The People's House, Lincoln OST (2012)
Les Mis Cast - At the End of the Day, Les Miserables OST (2012)
Russell Crowe - Stars, Les Miserables OST (2012)
Les Mis Cast - Red and Black, Les Miserables OST (2012)
Les Mis Cast - Master of the House, Les Miserables OST (2012)

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