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Writer/director David Twohy has returned with his third film in the Riddick series, aptly named "Riddick." Vin Diesel reprises his role as the neck-grabbing, gun-blazing, blade-slashing fugitive that can see in the dark. This time around he's on an alien planet and most deal with its fierce indigenous life in addition to the mercenaries with his head on the menu. I've only seen pieces of the previous film though I deeply admire the video game. This one looks to get back to the original film's ("Pitch Black") sensibilities and isn't sacrificing itself to get a PG-13 rating. Come see in the dark on September 6th.

Might "August: Osage County" be the first Oscar-bait film we've seen the trailer for? (Well, just wait for "The Butler" - below) Meryle Streep, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis and Abigal Breslin play the womenfolk of the Weston family who are brought back together at their Midwest home for a family crisis which turns into a family reunion. Ewan McGregor, Chris Cooper, Sam Shepard and BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! play some of the menfolk. Raise the roof on this domestic-spaced dramedy due out November 8th.

Forest Whitaker is "The Butler," the next film from Lee Daniels who is most famous for his controversial film "Precious." It tears through the years with Cecil Gains, the black man who served as the head butler of the White House for over 30 years and 8 presidents. The name-known cast goes on and on including Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack and Cuba Gooding Jr. Alan Rickman and Robin Williams play Reagan and Eisenhower respectively. There's the familiar period piece glaze all over this world full of a secondary and overly hateful characters. I wish we could escape this model of biopics. Here's hoping for something more human than "Lincoln," though Whitaker may take home his second Oscar just as Daniel Day-Lewis did. "The Buter" is releasing a little early for Awards season fodder on August 16th.

"Venus and Serena" is a documentary about the Williams sisters, two of women's  tennis greatest athletes of all-time. This is a close look at their lives on and off the court and how their family dynamic is integral to where they are today. "Venus and Serena" is currently available on iTunes and playing in select cities.

A final and red-banded trailer for "The Hangover Part III" has appeared on the horizon and just in time for next weekend's release. This one compiles footage from the first two movies to make it seem like a trilogy was the plan all along. If this one ends up being as successful as the last one methinks it will conveniently turn into a quadrilogy. Plenty of crude humor (sex, drugs and violence-related) and even more plot details are on display.

Here's the latest (and "main") trailer for "Pacific Rim," the ultimate big@$$ monster and colossal robot movie from visionary director Guillermo Del Toro. The scale of the destruction and defense is staggering. This is demonstrated in one scene wherein on of the giants has brought a vessel ship to the fight, he holds it like cricket bat! We've come a long ways since "Gojira"... Show your gratitude for canceling the apocalypse on July 12th (and in IMAX 3D if you can).

The third trailer for "The Lone Ranger" showcases even more of the Wild West spectacle. I'm pretty sure we're going to see every dollar of the multi-hundred million dollar tent-pole movie. I have a sinking feeling that it will hardly make back what it cost to make. Westerns, love 'em as much as I do, just are not popular. We see more of Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger himself in this trailer including multiple impossible horse jumps during the action. Guys, that's what I want from this one! Celebrate our country's Independence while watching half of it get blown to bits come July 3rd.

Behold, "V/H/S/2." Caution: This is a red band trailer and lives up to that caliber in multiple ways. The critics are saying it is improved in every way and it certainly appears so - not to mention even more of an extreme anthology. The found footage sub-genre of horror is one of my fondest fascinations as filmmakers are continually experimenting with it. A helmet cam and "doggie cam" are just two of the ways some of these segments are captured. Newly acquired talent (such as Gareth Evans, director of the incredible "The Raid," and the filmmakers behind "The Blair Witch Project") is also bound to excite. I'm most interested to see how the film will be bookended this time around. Something wherein we don't care if all the tape-viewers get offed would be preferred. Come June 6th "V/H/S/2" will be available on demand and played at select theaters on July 12th.

Time to fix the squeaky saloon door O'Riley, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


I strive not to rely on IMDb plot summaries when I discuss films here on The Film Tome but I couldn't say it any better for this one: "An elite crime-fighting unit in the court of the Chinese emperor relies on flying swords to defeat their enemies." Yes, another over-the-top sword flying period piece from the Motherland. What sets "The Guillotines" apart other than the hoop-like disc blades hurling all over the place? Well, that's it. Bring your shield to select theaters on June 14th.


From "The Avengers" to a modern adaption of "Much Ado About Nothing" has got to be one of the oddest back-to-back directing jobs in the history of filmmaking and that is precisely what Joss Whedon has done. The original Shakespearean dialogue is in tact for this comedy of lovers and romance itself. It feels a bit like "It's a Disaster," covered earlier this year in Trailer Round-Up. Apparently shot in 12 days at Whedon's home even while he was working on "The Avengers" this has all the trappings of an experiment that could be a disaster or a fascination. We can find out come June 7th.


"Berberian Sound Studio," remember that name. I remember this being one of Mark Kermode's (perhaps Britain's most famous film critic) favorite film of last alongside "A Royal Affair." Well, it won't be showing on this side of the pond until around June 14th. The incomparable Toby Jones plays a sound engineer working at an Italian horror studio. Working as a foley artist he's the one responsible for all the disgusting and terrifying sounds you hear in horror. The best part is that this trailer is cut like a horror film itself and apparently it fits in the genre as this slowly becomes a case of "life imitating art." He works mostly alone in the dark (like "Riddick," yeah?) and that is the fitting visual side to a film all about sound. I am so psyched to see this!

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Galyn said...

I know someone that would really like to watch the Venus and Serena doc. Seems like we've been hearing about the Lone Ranger for years. Maybe because it is Disney, even though it is a Western, it will do well. Hope so. It seems so "over the top".