Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last Action Hero
June 18, 1993
130 min
United States (English)

Directed by John McTiernan
Written by Shane Black & David Arnott (Story by Zak Penn & Adam Leff)

"Last Action Hero" is a love letter to the action genre while managing to be a solid and purposely overdone action film of its own.

I took more notes during my virgin viewing of "Last Action Hero" yesterday than just about any movie I have ever watched. A young kid is given a magic movie ticket that permits him to enter the latest adventure of his favorite action star, Jack Slater. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Jack Slater, or at least plays him in the movies within this movie. This satirical explosion is as much a mockery of the action genre as it is an adolescent romp through one. The self-aware gags seem to never cease and almost feel like it due to the film's excessive length, though I still had a gleeful blast practically throughout.

"Here's another explosion for your movie, kid."
- Jack Slater


CONTENT: some language, crude humor, some sensuality, strong violence throughout

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