Friday, February 8, 2013


(Author/Editor's Note: While The Trailer Round-Up has not been its own post since I begun The Film Tom is has been a crucial part of The Film Tome Report since the beginning. Earlier this week I celebrated the 100th issue of The Film Tome Report and so I extend that honor to this fresh herd of trailers. I thank you for your readership, enjoy the previews!)

Nick Offerman and Keith Poulson play two unlikely friends (the former old enough to be the latter's father) in this quirky comedy about the women in their lives. I found it amusing enough, though its admittedly adult. "Somebody Up There Likes Me" will be playing the festival circuit, but no officially word on a theatrical release (it'll be tiny if any).

"Like Someone in Love" has already been garnering praise from lucky critics who have seen at at international film festivals. It's renowned Iranian director Abba Kiarostami's follow-up to his equally acclaimed "Certified Copy." This time his story is set in Tokyo and follows a young call girl's unlikely relationship with elderly and widowed man. Something tells me he hasn't hired her for her usual services. The music of the trailer really altered the mood I'd expect for setting. I'm intrigued with the finding out why the old man called and what ends up occurring in the two days the film covers. "Like Someone in Love" will be showing in select art house theaters later this month.

On Super Bowl Sunday we got our first look at "Fast & Furious 6," but they've already released what they're calling an Extended First Look which it clocks in at over 3 minutes! Synopsis, plot reveals and action scene surprises are all on display. There's way too much here for it's own good, admittedly a lot of it look ludicrously (punny) cool! Franchise favorite Justin Lin is back to direct the latest installment wherein the gang gets back together for their biggest job yet. I suppose you could say that about most sequels though huh? This movie looks like it destroyed every vehicle on the market... See the damage on May 24th.

Rise and shine before supper time, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


It's hard to believe that "Big Ass Spider" is not a joke... Well, it is, but it is also an actual full-length film that will be debuting at this year's SXSW as an appropriate midnight film. Even if everyone involved knew they were making schlock it doesn't elevate the film one bit. Festering effects and dire performances are all over the place in this trailer, but I'll stop raining on this parade. I'm sure if you saw it with the right crowd and were half-drunk you'd probably have a fun time (until the morning comes).


Apparently "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and "Lincoln" were not enough because here cometh "Saving Lincoln." It has the distinction of being about the president's body guard, U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon . However, it is not just this that sets "Saving Lincoln" apart (nor is the appearance of Creed from "The Office" in a role that fans surely cannot take serious simply because it is not "Creed from 'The Office'"). The film is set entirely in/around Civil War photographs from the time! We haven't quite seen anything like this before, unless you've seen "The Mill and the Cross." This independent historical document is getting a limited release next week on February 13th.


It's becoming a great year to be a Studio Ghibli fan! What with "Ni No Kuni" releasing on PS3 last month (the legendary animation studio's first dive into video games) and now with "From Up on Poppy Hill" due out just next month (March 15th). A 1960s Yokohama, Japan comes to vibrant life as we follow Umi's life at high school and the boarding home where she resides. It's her story of friendship, loss and discoveries - but she's part of a larger costal city whole. With the studio's track record and the exquisite hand-drawn scenes in the trailer, there's no doubt this is going to meet its high expectations. The film has been dubbed to English for its American release. Also, shame the trailer could be a little less plot-driven.

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