Tuesday, February 5, 2013


"Symphony No. 7 (2nd Movement)" by Ludwig Van Beethoven
as seen and heard in
The Fall (2006)

The second movement (Allegreto) of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony is one of the best pieces of music my ears have ever heard. For me it bears all of the melancholy in the world while continually marching proud through life. In Tarsem's "The Fall" it is set against an exquisite scene photographed in black and white. Both sequences (the visual and the aural) begin with one piece. The first blow of the music comes as a man emerges from the still water and blows out a mouthful of water. The display is widened as we see the people and machinery all involved in a process that is not quite clear at first. Likewise the second movement of Symphony No. 7 adds many moving parts (instruments) to what started as one. The result is an example of high art for the medium of film.

This is a magnificent moment in modern cinema from one of the most unique films you're bound to come across. It has attached itself better to the classical classic than other noteworthy examples: Gaspar Noe's "Irreversible" and Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech" immediately spring to mind, Movie Music Moments for another day. What do you think of this opening credit sequence from "The Fall"? Also, do you have a Movie Music Moment of your own that you care to share?

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