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Welcome to The Film Tome's live blog for the 85th Academy Awards! What follows is a post that I will be continually updated throughout the ceremony. If you are reading during the awards you'll want to be sure to refresh after each win for the latest comments from yours truly. Also, follow me on Twitter (@thejslewis) for additional content. Feel free to share thoughts of your own in the comments below.

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9:00 PM - That's a wrap! I thought Seth MacFarlane was a fine host, albeit I missed the opening which Twitter didn't seem to be a fan of. Think he'll be invited back again? Until next year. Good night and good luck!

8:56 PM - Jack Nicholson and Michelle Obama (?!) announce the nominees and then award Best Picture to "Argo".  Ben Affleck gets the microphone and goes all out. I remember his speech before the premiere of "Argo" at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. It's a solid film and he was a great director/producer on it.

8:47 PM - Meryl Streep is onstage to award the Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis ("Lincoln"). Day-Lewis was a force as Lincoln, but nothing, nothing was like Joaquin Phoenix in "The Master." Strange cutaway to Mr. Phoenix though, shaking his head? Day-Lewis gives a funny and gracious speech.

8:44 PM - Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence ("Silver Linings Playbook"). Wow, she's so young. She also has very bad luck making her way to the stage. Didn't like her character, but she is fine actress.

8:40 PM - We're back from the commercials... I've been talking and thinking this whole time about Ang Lee just won Best Director for "Life of Pi." He won a few years for "Brokeback Mountain." Way to represent Taiwan!

8:30 PM - Best Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino ("Django Unchained").  Wow! I honestly did not expect this. Based on the final product that is "Django Unchained" I am very proud of what Tarantino and his fine team of actors accomplished. Also, very cool that he gave them so much recognition.

8:26 PM - Best Adapted Screenplay: "Argo." It's seeming more and more likely it's going to win Best Picture.

8:16 PM - Best Original Song: "Skyfall." This was another obvious win, though I would've picked "Suddenly" from "Les Miserables."

8:08 PM - More "Chicago"? Good grief. Stars from that film are here to award Best Original Score: "Life of Pi." Thought it would go to Williams for "Lincoln." I'm not doing so good at my predictions and Oscar Bowling...

8:04 PM - Barbara Streisand sings it away.... "The Way We Were." This is probably not the best time to mention she looks incredibly like Mel Brooks.

7:57 PM - Lookin' good Mr. Clooney! He's here for the In Memoriam.

7:51 PM - Best Production Design: "Lincoln." Probably one of the best parts about the film... But thought it'd be "Anna Karenina" just based off those arresting scenes in the trailer.

7:44 PM - What's it say about me that among my favorite parts of the show are these tributes to the Best Picture nominees: "Silver Linings Playbook," "Django Unchained," and "Amour."

7:37 PM - Adele is currently rocking "Skyfall." It's going to win an Oscar shortly.

7:34 PM - Best Editing: "Argo." Didn't see this one...

7:22 PM - Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway ("Les Miserables"). She's adorable and can remember a lot of names and absolutely deserves this win.

7:20 PM - Christopher Plummer takes the stage to give Anne Hathaway her inevitable win.

7:15 PM - A TIE?!?!?! Best Sound Design: "Zero Dark Thirty" & "Skyfall." This is the first I've ever heard of this happening... And for Sound Design? Huh. Also, don't forget the Jewish jokes by Ted and Wahlberg leading into this now historical award. This will now be a matter of Oscar trivia folks.

7:11 PM - Ted and Mark Wahlberg take the stage Best Sound Mixing: "Les Miserables." Absolutely deserving, the live singing and music came together splendidly.

7:07 PM - I absolutely loved "Les Mis" and it was great to see the cast onstage together. Here is my review.


7:01 PM - "Les Mis" time! Hugh Jackman onstage... first in the powerful "One Day More" melody.

7:00 PM - Okay, so that wasn't just archival footage. Several musical numbers this year even if so far not a one has come from a 2012 film... 

6:55 PM - Huh. I must've missed what Travolta was just saying... For whatever reason we're watching Catherine Zeta-Jones perform a number from "Chicago." Or did I just trip into a time-warp and go back 11 years?
6:50 PM - Best Foreign Language Film: "Amour." One of the only shoe-ins of the evening. A perfect picture if ever there was one.  Michael Haneke is a true master of the medium.

6:48 PM - Best Documentary Feature: "Searching for Sugar Man." Well, I thought "How to Survive a Plague" would win, but nope, the Academy truly surprised me. "Sugar Man" is great stuff w/ great music.

6:38 PM - Liam Neeson takes the stage to highlight more of the Best Picture nominees: "Argo" and "Lincoln" and "Zero Dark Thirty."

6:35 PM - Best Documentary Short: "Inocente." It's a very inspiring film for artists everywhere. Inocente herself is on stage and completely overwhelmed. This story has an even happier ending than it did onscreen!

6:32 PM - Best live action short film! For the first time I've seen all the short film nominees. Best Live Action Short: "Curfew." I was really taken with this one, Shawn Christiansen is definitely going places: writer, director, composer and actor.

6:25 PM - Just told Nancy Adele was going to sing before I realized... this ain't Adele. 

6:20 PM - Can you hear the makeup artists sing? Best Hair & Makeup: "Les Miserables." They did make Anne Hathaway look pretty bad... and Hugh Jackman like Wolverine. I can think of 13 dwarves that were snubbed.

6:17 PM - Best Costume Design: "Anna Karenina." Period piece

6:10 PM - Best Visual Effects: "Life of Pi." Of course. That tiger is amaze-balls.

6:08 PM - Best Cinematography: Claudio Miranda for "Life of Pi." Thought for sure it'd go to Roger Deakins for "Skyfall"... Who still has never won an Oscar somehow...

6:05 PM - Lovely tribute to some of the Best Picture nominees.

6:00 PM - Best Animated Feature: "Brave." Nice Kilt. So-so movie. In fact, my least favorite of all nominees...

5:58 PM - Best Animated Short: "Paperman"! Saw that one coming. It's great, here is my review.

5:52 PM - Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz ("Django Unchained")! Well, I'm more than okay with this. Certainly a better performance than TLJ in "Lincoln" (my prediction). Still, not quite the sensation that is Philip Seymore Hoffman is in "The Master."

5:49 PM - It's been nearly 20 minutes... very long intro, no? Here we go, Octavia Spencer giving out the first award...

5:45 PM - Daniel Radcliffe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and MacFarlane dancing and singing. Not bad.

5:43 PM - Just got connected... relying on a live stream over the internet can be very frustrating... "Flight" with sock puppets. Hmm. I'm guessing I didn't miss much.


5:13 PMFun Fact for the Ladies: George Clooney's middle name is Dapper.

5:00 PMJennifer Lawrence should have worn her flaming dress from "The Hunger Games"! What was she thinking???

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