Saturday, January 12, 2013


Russell Crowe plays the mayor of a once "Broken City" who hires an ex-cop (Mark Wahlberg) to trail his cheating wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones). The job ain't all it appears to be and Wahlberg gets caught in a scandalous whirlpool. This is directed by Allen Hughes (one of the Hughes Brothers, who truly surprised me in 2010 with "The Book of Eli"). This looks not a thing like that, but still has enough intrigue to draw me to theaters on January 18th.

A new "red band" trailer for "The Last Stand" has arrived. We get to see some more action (with bloody results) and what appears to be quite a bit more spoilers... (boo!). This is Arnold's return to the silver screen as directed by Korean virtuoso Kim Jee-woon. Look for it in theaters on January 18th!

"Fairhaven" is a dramedy about small town life from first-time feature director Tom O'Brian. He has returned to the Massachusetts coast to attend his father's funeral and finds his friends from yesterday are still around... Not much else to go on, but feels worth watching. You can find it on demand on playing in select theaters this month.

From the director of "A Knight's Tale" (?!) comes "42," a biopic about Jackie Robinson, his joining the Brooklyn Dodgers and changing American baseball history. He's played by Chadwick Boseman, like Robinson himself this should be his big break. I saw this trailer a couple times and did not even realize it was Harrison Ford playing the team executive Branch Rickey! Seriously, must be the hair. It looks/feels (aesthetically) like most period pieces of the day, which honestly is becoming rather repellent to me. We've seen this underdog story a million times before. I'm sure it'll be just as solid as the rest of them, but I am starving for something new. Interesting use of Jay-Z too in the last minute. Will "42" hit a home run on April 12th?

"Wrong" is so odd that it looks just right. This is Quentin Dupieux's follow-up to "Rubber," the thriller starring the tire that I covered two years ago in The Film Tome Report. I swear I think about "Rubber" nearly every day even though I have yet to sit down and watch it yet. (To Self: It's been on Netflix Instant for a while now by the way... Back to Self: Thanks.) That trailer just stuck with me. The trailer for "Wrong," while not as iconic, is also unlike anything I've seen. The funky music, deadpan deliveries, and one bizarre-o scenario after another... though the basic plot is about a man trying to get his dog back. I tried to see at last year's Sundance (to no avail), now it looks like it will hit VOD and select theaters in the next two months respectively.

Wash the barn when your done in here, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


Shae is a pretty and young woman who hasn't had the best of luck with the guys lately. In fact, this trailer implies that she gets raped. Enter her red-haired co-worker Lu who has a hobby of punishing men by... well, killing them! The two team up to get revenge on the male sex. I enjoy a good revenge flick, but seemingly bad ones, not so much. "Girls Against Boys" hits select theaters on February 1st.


"The Last Exorcism" was a pleasant surprise until the bewildering final minutes. Now "The Last Exorcism Part II" is among us and it's as if that wrong turn the first film took never happened. Instead we get an entire film that just may be a wrong turn... Ashley Bell is reprising her role as poor little thing that the demons just can't keep their hands off of. This makes no sense as a sequel to the fascinating "found footage" film, which character in this non-"found footage" film actually watch. All the more confusing is why this film is coming out on March 1st...


No shame, time for as biased a pick as you might expect from me: "Happy People: A Year in the Taiga" is the new documentary from the man, the legend, the Werner Herzog (co-directed by Dmitry Vasyukov). I watch everything I can from Herzog because he shows me all the world; sometimes places I have never seen, sometimes places I have seen, but always in ways I have never looked at things. This document is of the remote Siberian land and its inhabitants, closely resembling "Encounter at the End of the World" if any of his previous offerings. It's a wonderland and I cannot wait to see how different life is therein.

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