Tuesday, January 8, 2013


There's a new full trailer for "A Good Day to Day Hard" where John McClane (Bruce Willis) and son (Jai Courtney) attempt to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist by blowing up half of Russia. It's the iconic "Ode to Joy" and an ode to all things action. I may need to watch all the sequels so I can catch up with this one... Is February 14th "A Good Day to Die Hard"? What better way to spend Valentine's Day?

"Sellebrity" is a documentary about celebrities and their "relationship" with the stalking predators that are the paparazzi. It looks to be compiled of talking head interviews with famous faces and some not-so-famous ones who attempt to explain today's pop-culture hungry society. I'm pretty interested to see more, you?

Four words emitted from my mind after I watched the new red-band (as opposed to your typical MPAA-sanctioned green bad trailer, these are meant for "mature" audiences only) trailer for "The Evil Dead" re-make: "I want my mommy." This film looks scary as hell, bloody as hell and, well, evil as hell. Surely many of you wouldn't see this if your life depended on it while others live for this kind of horrible thing. The doors to Hell itself open on April 12th.

Strap some dynamite to yo' monkey's neck, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


Sandra Bullock is an FBI agent (riiiiight) and is forced to partner with a lewd and large Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy) to eliminate a drug lord in "The Heat." It's essentially a buddy cop film starring women, a la what "Bridesmaids" was to "The Hangover." It should come as no surprise that it's from the same director (Paul Feig). It hits theaters on April 5th, and boy girl, it ain't my cup of tea at all.


I was left scratching my head after the trailer "Now You See Me" from solid filmmaker Louis Leterrier ("Unleashed" and the under-appreciated "Clash of the Titans remake").  Jesse Eisenberg, still playing his Zuckerberg-schtick, and Woody Harrelson are back together (see "Zombieland") along with other renowned names like Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine and Isla Fisher. It's the FBI (led by Ruffalo) vs. a team of illusionists, the latter who somehow traveled from Vegas to Paris and robbed a bank during a live performance. It's "The Prestige" meets "Ocean's 11" by way of "Inception"-like tech wizardry. I have a feeling there's going to be some very big details to swallow on June 7th.


"Dead Man Down" comes to us from the Swedish director of (the original) " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Noomi Rapace, put on the map from that trilogy, stars opposite Colin Firth. She seduces/blackmails him to help her get revenge on Firth's crime lord boss (played cooly by Terrence Howard) who wronged her in the past. This trailer is a strong drink of performances and pretty action, all set to a "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" cover by Kendra Morris. It may not necessarily represent a great film, but this is great trailer. March 8th just became a whole lot better.

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Dan O. said...

Dead Man Down looks like it kicks some real ass and I'm especially happy to see Terrence Howard in a role that looks like could be his best since Iron Man. God, where the hell has that guy gone?