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(Author/Editor's Note: Remember how I said I was making The Film Tome Report more succinct? Well, yeah, that's still true... It's just that come December and January there is such a smattering of great content from/by/for those who write and read about film online. Everyone is discussing the best films of the last year on their own and then you've organizations doing so throughout the "Awards season." It's a busy time... There's so much I see in my Twitter feed on a daily basis that I am interested in, one way or another, that I simply do not have time to cover! We live in a time of info-overload. There's too much. Always better than not enough I say. I try my best to add to the eternal library each day, but each week I take time to discover, share, honor, and recommend the works of others in The Film Tome Report. Enjoy the issue and have a great week!)


This Week
  • Birders: The Central Park Effect* / 100%
  • Broken City
  • Here and There* / 50%
  • Hors Satan* / 83%
  • The Last Stand / 100%
  • LUV* / 22%
  • Mama
  • Officer Down*

Last Week

  • The Baytown Outlaws* / 19%
  • Gangster Squad / 34%
  • A Haunted House / 8%
  • Horrid Henry: The Movie* / 10%
  • In Another Country* / 81%
  • Storage 24 / 44%
  • Struck by Lightning* / 23%

* = limited release


  • The Intouchables / 75%
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much CC / 89%
  • The Possession / 39%
  • Taken 2 / 21%
  • To Rome with Love / 44%
  • Won't Back Down / 33%

CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes
* * *


Check out the poster for Werner Herzog's upcoming doc (man, does this guy ever take a break?), "Happy People: A Year in the Taiga." The expanse of snow-covered ground, a dawning yellow sky, a dweller of the Taiga, and his dog looking on... I covered the trailer in last week's Herd, so that check that out too if your interest is piqued.

A fun fan-made poster for "Django Unchained" which calls back to the "spaghetti Westerns" it is largely inspired by. Seeing our stars animated is always thrilling to me for some reason...

Tom(my) Hanks played over half-a-dozen roles in this year's "Cloud Atlas." Funny or Die imagines a world in which he lead all the Oscar nominated films. All of these are sensational...

* * *


Last week the Oscar nominations were announced (see below). Hitfix lists "10 Things We Learned" [from them].

Here are "10 Highlights from the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, From Kathryn Bigelow on Torture to Armond White Heckling Michael Moore." Also, hear how Daniel Day-Lewis and Matthew McConaughey accept their big roles this year.

Sundance Film Festival starts this week. I will not be attending this year and from the sight of those snowy streets I am not too heartbroken over it. Criticwire lists "20 Sundance Films We Can't Wait to See." The Playlist has 25.

* * *


Last Thursday morn, host Seth Macfarlane (with some help from "the lovely and talented" Emma Stone) announced the nominees for the 85th Academy Awards. Some egregious snubs in my book and nice surprices (which I will further discuss in my annual pre-Oscars post), one of the most pleasant surprises being that Seth Macfarlane is shaping up to be a great MC for the evening. I was worried when it was first announced, but what a charismatic and funny guy... You can read the full list of nominees here.

Here are the nominees' actually (public) reactions to the announcement of their nods. (Source: Hitfix)

Roger Ebert calls it "a pretty good set of nominees."

Not directly related, but here Ebert describes and praises the best documentaries of 2012.

The crew from What the Flick?! have a roundtable discussion of their picks for best movies of 2012.

* * *


The Razzies (Golden Raspberry Awards)  were announced last week before the Oscars. These are the antithesis of the Academy Awards where the worst in film is celebrated made fun of. "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" led the way with 11 nominations. And Adam Sandler is nominated, yet again, for worst actor ("That's My Boy"). (Source: Criticwire)

* * *


Notorious film critic Armond White has a different way of celebrating the best in film of 2012. He has a "Better-Than List," where he makes such bold claims as "A Thousand Words" > "Argo." Matt Singer provides an amusing commentary on said list.

Quentin Tarantino had an unforgettable interview last week wherein he tells a reporter "I'm shutting you down!" (among other things). (Source: Gawker)

* * *


Here is Scott Mendelson's weekend box office analysis wherein "Zero Dark Thirty" landed the number one spot after expanded to wide release, beating out newly released "Gangster Squad" and "A Haunted House."

The Golden Globes were on Sunday night. Trent and I briefly discuss them in an upcoming episode. The Hollywood Reporter has a slideshow covering the best and worst moments of the night.

You can read Criticwire's coverage of the winners, "Argo" and "Les Mis" being the top champs. Hitfix has a reactionary article too.

The internet has sounded their approval of Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler as hosts of the evening. (Source: BuzzFeed)

 * * *


The New York Times has posted an Oscar Memories reel in honor of last week nominations and these final weeks leading up to the ceremony.

In honor of last weekend's release of "Gangster Squad" (I really hated it), check out this video essay of "Gangster Culture in the Movies." And here's a non-video essay to go along with it.

Ebert has a lot to say about "Django Unchained" and honors the 1966 film it is named after.

* * *


The Onion had a heyday with Russel Crowe's performance in "Les Miserables." Nobody will argue the man is a great singer, and this is biting satire as usual, but I sincerely felt Crowe somehow worked in the film/role. Details in my review.

* * *


Technically what follows ain't TV, but we've been at that crossroads for years now. Over the last two months we got trailers for two new original series that will be coming exclusively to Netflix:

"House of Cards" is an American remake of a renowned British series. This political thriller stars Kevin Spacey as "ruthless politician" who wants to get the newly elected president out of office. The 13-episode season will be available on February 1st.

"Hemlock Grove," produced by Eli Roth, bears the tagline "The monster is within." All 13 episodes will drop on April 19th.

AMC has officially announced that "The Killing" will be getting a 3rd season. I've yet to start the series, but this is big/good news for fans who will be able to see the serial case to its end. Watchers deserve to know who killed Rosie Larsen, right? (Source: IMDb)

* * *

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