Thursday, January 31, 2013


November 2, 2012
7 min
United States (English)

Written and Directed by John Kahrs

"Paperman" portrays a potential romance through its strength of physical storytelling. It's a dainty, brisk animated jog of two hearts in a sleepy metropolis.

"Paperman" showed before "Wreck-It Ralph" in theaters last year which is where myself and others first saw it. The film has now been released online, you can watch it the embedded player below. The film is nominated for a Best Animated Short Oscar and has certainly reached the widest audience of all the nominees. It's a pretty charcoal-palleted   (with just a touch of red!) love story that has no time for dialogue. 

Our protagonist meets the cutesy out-of-his-league girl at the train station but she quickly boards and rides out of his life as fast as she entered. He misses her until to his glee notices her in the skyscraper across the way! He's a love-sick "paperman," all we need to know is he has a stingy desk job where the other nine-to-five zombies gruel on while he breaks free from the monotony and pursue the gal with the only means at his disposal: paper and thus, paper airplanes.

It's a lovely little picture that you'll reminisce fondly. Dialogue-free films (especially animated ones) rely on striking visuals to tell the story through action. This one is folded to perfection though you won't see the lines in its concoction of hand-drawn and computer-assisted animation. I've yet to see the other nominees for this Oscar category, but they've got some pretty competition in "Paperman."


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