Monday, December 10, 2012


(Author's Note: Like The Film Tome Report the Trailer Round-Up had a few week's off. I'm playing catch up tonight, but look for it this Thursday and every Thursday after until the end of time. Right...)

Here's the third and likely last full trailer for "Django Unchained," the anticipated Southern Western by Quentin Tarantino due in theaters this Christmas. We get a lot more footage of Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Calvin Candie, one of the several plantation owners in this twisted tale of revenge. Like the other trailers it is cut to some cool beats  (from Spaghetti Western whistles to hippity-hop) and gunshots and will get anyone who is anticipating to see it even more excited.

YouTubers are commenting that they know less about "Upstream Color" after watching the teaser trailer than they did before. This is the second film of Shane Carruth (writer, director, actor) who befuddled anyone who attempted to watch his first, "Primer." This one appears to be following suite. A growing ambience, a man who apologizes for his head being the same material as the sun, a chopping down of a sickly tree. What does it all mean? This will be making quite a splash at next year's Sundance Film Festival and I'm sure we'll all be hearing about it.

Tom Cruise stars in "Oblivion" due out April 19th, 2013... Because the last time an ambitious sci-fi blockbuster landed in the first quarter it worked so well, right? Oh dear, that was "John Carter," one of Disney's biggest disasters (commercially) in recent memory. It's got a noteworthy cast (Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Zoe Bell! and Melissa Leo) and some impressive visuals, even if they are overly sleek and thus overly artificial. CGI. Sigh. The biggest red flag is that this comes from Joseph Kosinski whose only other feature was that plot-starved "Tron: Legacy" snooze fest from 2010.

You might not find a bigger M. Night Shyamalan fan/apologist this side of IMDb (what does that even mean?) than yours truly. And so I may be the only one really anticipating his next project, "After Earth." Will Smith and kin (Jaden) star as space travelers who crash land on a mysterious and apparently hostile planet. With Daddy's leg busted the young karate kid must venture out on his own to what I can only assume is pick up something that fell off during their unintentional landing. This trailer has a crazy start (long-take alert!) and shows a lot more than I though a first look would. Again, the heavy use of CGI is a drag. Am I starting to sound like a broken record? Shyamalan is well-known for his twists. Well, we get one revealed for us in the bloody trailer. This place, this planet, is... Earth! Cue trombone shot and insert a James Newton Howard sting. Visit "After Earth" on June 7th, 2013, less than two months after "Oblivion."

Did you feel air change last week? That was due to the increase of fanboy tears with the release of the teaser trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness." I've pretty much avoided anything that has begun with "Star" and ended with "Trek" my entire life, but that should probably change. Probably definitely with the looks of this one. Along with the two previous trailers in this Herd "Into Darkness" makes this third point of the Hollywood sci-fi triangle that will land on our multiplexes during the first half of 2013 (this one come between the two on May 17th). It's got the best visuals of the three, the Cumberbatch, and an established franchise to boot. J.J. Abrams returns as director; he previously helmed 2009's lauded "Star Trek," which put the previous on-running film series out of its misery.

Grab a stool sheriff, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


A forgotten relic from the '80s, "Miami Connection" is being distributed by Drafthouse films for all the B-movie lovers out there. It's a martial arts extravaganza with a group of rockers taking on the likes of a clan of motorcycles ninjas. Y.K. Kim directs, writes and stars in this pathetic piece of cheesy entertainment. It sounds like people are enjoying it though... ironically if anything. If this sounds like your definition of a good time at the movies it is playing in New York and Los Angeles this month.


We knew about the two Snow White films this year, "Snow White and the Huntsman" and Tarsem's "Mirror Mirror," but did we know about the third? "Blancanieves" is Spain's official entry for the Best Foreign Picture race at the Academy Awards. Set in 1920s Seville the fairest of them all is a female bullfighter. Poisoned apples, a house (on wheels) of little men and true love's kiss can clearly be spotted throughout that iconic matador music. The splendid black and white photography calls back to early cinema? Is this a "silent film." I have no clue. You don't hear a word of dialogue in the trailer and I quite like that.

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