Friday, December 7, 2012


The Film Tome Podcast officially kicked off last week. Our first episode is available for streaming, downloading and can even be found on iTunes! (Just search for "The Film Tome Podcast.") Every so often Trent and I will be hitting record without a planned episode in mind. The intention will be to just shoot the breeze about a variety of film topics and what we've been watching. While they may be sporadic, they are also relaxed and conversational. We hope you will find them as easy-listening. We call them "After Dark" episodes.

This first one was recorded early November and we spend the better part of the running time discussing horror films, specifically "The Exorcist," which I saw for the first time on Halloween. We discuss the "greatest of horror" (cutting down two classics of the genre while we're at it), I report on my horror marathon, we get into a conversation about "Looper" and more random movie banter. We really do hope you enjoy. The conversation is never done until you share your thoughts. As always, we invite you to do so in space provided below.


The Film Tome Podcast - After Dark 001: Exorcising Horror & More
Recording Date: November 4th, 2012
Running Time: 51:56

(00:22) The Exorcist (1974)
(16:20) JS's Horror Marathon & Random Movie Talk
(22:10) Looper (2012)
(32:00) More Random Movie Talk

Opening and Closing Music: 
Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet - Dracula Enters, Dracula (1999)

Updated 12/8/12

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