Monday, December 10, 2012


Over the weekend I officially set the blood-red sun on my horror marathon with the 1st (Maybe Annual) Severed Head Awards. That was the first official marathon I dared to embark on for The Film Tome. With the final nail in that coffin (and the final pun, I swear!) I can now move on to a more pleasant, and hopefully more enjoyable, marathon: James Bond Marathon: 50 Years, 23 Films.

Technically I already kicked this one off last month when I saw "Skyfall" on opening weekend. You see, I will be doing a retroactive marathon of the entire feature film series working backward from this year's offering all the way to 1962's "Dr. No." This year James Bond celebrated its 50th Anniversary retaining the title of longest running film series in cinema history. Embarrassingly  I can count the number of Bond films I've ever seen on just one hand (and I have only seen Daniel Craig's and Pierce Bronson's versions of the world' most famous spy at that!).

This will undoubtedly be an educational experience for me. Not just in terms of a cinematic study, but of (pop) culture in general. The Bond entries (its style, music and references) are especially reflective of the time they are made. I will gradually go back through the years ans see how action tropes formed and, more specifically, where the semantics of a "Bond film" originated.

I am not going to strain myself and do something as outrageous as one film a day for this marathon like last time. A whole month has passed since "Skyfall," but I'd like to watch the following films at a pace of every week or so continuing with "Quantum of Solace" tomorrow. By doing so I will hopefully not bite off more than I can chew and will be more likely to write reviews/analyses along the way. Expect another "awards ceremony" by this marathon's end, whenever that will be... Hopefully before the 24th Bond film, right?

"Skyfall" deeply impressed me as you may have read in my Recently Beheld or can further read in my review (posting next). Others have voiced that it is also the best Bond film they've ever seen. Have I already experienced the highlight of my marathon? Am I doing this in the wrong order if I wanted a climactic finale? That's something I intend to find out, but I will try to go into each film with a fresh and excited mind. Yes, even "Moonraker."

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