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You really must check out David Ehrlich's (of's Criterion Corner) "The Best Films of 2012: A Video Countdown." I love fan-made compilation videos like this, especially ones that give all the spotlight to the movies. Yes, even the music comes from the some of the best soundtracks we've heard this year. I've embedded the video below, but I recommend going to its home on Vimeo and watching this baby on fullscreen. 

Come the New Year I will attempt to list/rank the best films of 2012 here on the site. I'll probably even do my own awards (from the obvious Best Picture category to the not so obvious Best Long-Take). It will include pics, trailers, clips maybe, but mostly my words. That last element is special to me because it is what I bring to the table. (All this and not to mention what Trent and I will probably be doing on The Film Tome Podcast). Still, I love how David Ehrlich is honoring what he feels are the best films of the year. It's cool, informative, and downright powerful (music does that). This film delivers a kick to the gut from the get-go with RL Burnside's delectable "Let My Baby Ride" put to ingenious use in Leos Carax's "Holy Motors."

Just watch the video. I'll continue/conclude my thoughts below.

For your/my convenience here's the full list of those in the countdown:

25. The Sound of Noise
24. Cosmopolis
23. Policeman
22. The Avengers
21. Shut Up and Play the Hits
20. Moonrise Kingdom
19. Oslo, August 31st
18. Tabu
17. The Deep Blue Sea
16. Skyfall
15. Cloud Atlas
14. The Cabin in the Woods
13. Goodbye First Love
12. Wuthering Heights
11. Alps
10. Girl Walk // All Day
9. Anna Karenina
8. The Comedy
7. Apres Mai
6. The Master
5. Django Unchained
4. Zero Dark Thirty
3. Amour
2. Like Someone in Love
1. Holy Motors

I really do not want to admit how many of these I have yet to see. To be completely truthful, I had not even heard of some of these when I first watched the video yesterday. I plan to do something about both of those unfortunate points. For example, "Girl Walk // All Day" was one such film I did not even knew existed yesterday and when I found out it was available online for free (and legal!) in its entirety I had to watch it before retiring. Look for more of my thoughts on that unique project on the morrow!

David's got a great list here. One that is mindful of the independent and/or foreign while not afraid to embrace a Hollywood blockbuster like "The Avengers." "Holy Motors" taking the top prize felt right as it is how he chose to bookend his presentation. It certainly is one of the year's most remarkable films. "Like Someone in Love" now became a huge blip on my radar. "Apres Mai" too. I could go on and on. I found some very interesting placement (like "The Comedy" as high at it is) and of course thought of what was missing. Let me cover a few:

?. Samsara
We got a brief clip of it, but not making it anywhere on this list is a huge oversight.

?. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
This was undoubtedly my most anitcipated film of the year. With the original trilogy as dear and epic to my heart as it I will be uncomfortable seeing any list without and hope it is going to end up on mine. Next week!

?. Lincoln
One I've yet to see, but the "general consensus" (what I read from critics on Twitter and my own experience/findings) seems to agree this year's Academy Awards are going to be between "Lincoln" and "Zero Dark Thirty," with "Argo" looking on.

?. Les Miserables
I haven't seen it. It's possible David hasn't. Not so much Tobe Hooper's follow-up to "The King's Speech" as it is the long-awaited adaptation of one our time's most beloved musical. Yes, I'm aware it is not getting the best of reviews this week, but those who love it really do.

?. The Raid: Redemption
An action/martial arts extravaganza that has been near the top of my list since I saw it early this year. My review.

?. The Imposter.
My favorite doc of the year (not that I've seen many), one that holds its own amongst whatever cinematic narrative you could throw out there. My review.

?. Wreck-It Ralph / The Secret World of Arrietty / ParaNorman
Or any animated films for that matter. It may not have been the best of years for the format, but I think it was a solid one.

?. Indie Game: The Movie
Appropriately titled because it itself is very indie. Maybe too indie to be recognized or David is not much of gamer?

?. Killing Them Softly
I can completely understand how this film could rub someone the wrong way. But for me it gradually blew me away.

All right, now it is your turn to tell me what's missing from my what I thought was missing from this radical video. Obviously I dug this compilation countdown as I have devoted an entire post to it here on the blog. I'm sure I will be going back to this again and again for the rest of the year in order to rekindle my love for some of the featured movies, bewilder me for what is nowhere to be found, remind me what I still need to see and further inspire me for ways to be a cinephile. I have some editing capabilities and I am rather high on the idea of doing something like this in the future.

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