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(Author's Note: "Skyfall" shot into theaters across the country today and so in it's honor I have compiled a special Bond issue, James Bond. To make the matter all the more fitting we are celebrating cinema's favorite special agent's 50th year in 2012. Enjoy the issue and the weekend folks!)


This Week
  • Cafe De Flore* / 67%
  • Chasing Ice* / 100%
  • Citadel* / 60%
  • The Comedy* / 82%
  • Lincoln* / 93%
  • Nature Calls* / 7%
  • A Royal Affair* / 90%
  • Skyfall / 93%

Last Week

  • The Bay* / 77%
  • The Details* / 48%
  • Flight / 77%
  • Jack and Diane* / 13%
  • A Late Quartet* / 80%
  • The Man with the Iron Fists / 55%
  • This Must Be the Place / 73%
  • Wreck-It Ralph / 84%

* = limited release


  • The Amazing Spider-Man / 73%
  • Arthur Christmas / 91%
  • The Pact / 67%
  • [REC] 3 Genesis / 40%
  • Your Sister's Sister / 84%
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * * 


Bruce Willis' aged face beneath the iconic phrase with it's twist at the end are all we need to know for the upcoming "Die Hard 4."

There seems to be no shortage of greatness stemming from "The Master." Yet another poster is no exception. The mirror imagery we see in this works well with the ink blot test that Phoenix's character undergoes. Some great hand-drawn portraits on display!

Finally, Park Chan-wook's "Stoker" gets a macabre wreath for its poster. Black-and-white keeps it classy while you can study the many creepy elements hanging around.

* * *


Rotten Tomatoes has a James Bond countdown.

Total Film ranks the "50 Greatest Bond Posters."

Total Film counts down the fifty greatest Bond villains in honor of "Skyfall" coming out this week.

AFI Fest was this wee here in Los Angeles. Kate from Film School Rejects shared the top 5 she was looking forward to at this year's.

Are these the 50 best films on Hulu Plus? I've yet to see "The Blob" but it has NO BUSINESS appearing higher than John Ford's "Stagecoach." Please... (Source: Paste)

* * *


Michael Fassbender and Collin Firth, two of our finest actors from across the pond, are teaming up for a period piece, "Genius." Women are already lining up to see it. (Source: The Film Stage)

Daniel Craig, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Jean Dujardin (y'know, the guy who won Best Actor for his performance in "The Artist" last year) live up to the name of George Clooney's "The Monuments Men." (Source: The Film Stage)

Mark Wahlberg is confirmed to star in "Transformers 4." Well, now we have only one reason to see it. Oh, and Ted was no invited for some reason... (Source: /Film)

* * *


Matt Singer of Critcwire has compiled a list of the year's best films and where you can see them, a surprising number of which are currently streaming on Netflix. This is one of the best Twitter find of my week!

* * *


In honor of "Skyfall" out this weekend Matt Singer discusses the worst bond films ever. I look forward to watching "Moonraker," really!

* * *


The biggest new story of the past two weeks (and probably of the year for that matter) was hands-down that Disney bought Lucasfilm for some $4 billion leading to the announcement of "Star Wars: Episode VII." They've wasted no time in getting things underway as Michael Arndt ("Toy Story 3") is officially penning the script.

Apparently "The Hobbit" is going to look pretty strange, but it's likely blazing a trailer for the future of cinema @ 48fps. (Source: Gizmodo)

Paul Thomas Anderson wants to direct a "full blown comedy"? (Source: The Film Stage)

* * *


Matt Singer and Jordan Hoffman discuss the best of Bond over at Screencrush.

Josh Larsen (of Filmspotting) has posted his review of "Skyfall" on Think Christian, it's a film with themes of resurrection and revenge.

Dana Stevens of Slate reviews "Skyfall."

 * * *


Eric D. Snider of recently revisited the Bond series and has now provided an in-depth breakdown covering everything from body counts to Bond girls (sometimes there is overlap between the those two).

Going along with those stats here is a James Bond infographic for ya! And another as found on Vulture. And yet another showcasing "the Bond girls"! And yet another disclosing the many vehicles he has used over the years.

James Bond has dodged over 4,000 bullets in his film career... (Source: Gizmodo)

Here is a James Bond car montage.

In honor of "Wreck-It Ralph" Rotten Tomatoes has "Total Recall: Movies About Video Games." I've taken a particular interest in this subject lately, especially in light of my latest project, These Things We Call Video Games (shameless plug!). Look for reviews and more of such films this month on The Film Tome.

Read the first reaction to "Django Unchained." Also, the film might run something close to 3 hours! Yes, please. (Source: /Film)

Speaking of QT there's a new Tarantino box set (Blu-ray) coming out this month! (Source: Miramax)

* * *


"Hell on Wheels" has been renewed for a third season! I've only seen the first and thoroughly enjoyed it (Western buffs likely will) and I am happy to see it continue, though I am consistently surprised because I know few who watch it. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

* * *

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