Thursday, November 29, 2012


In the nearly three years of The Film Tome's lifespan I am proud to announce one of the most exciting pieces of news yet: The Film Tome Podcast!

Yours truly will be teaming up with the namesake of Trentflix himself, Trent Allgood. We will be recording and posting quality episodes on a regular (weekly... fingers crossed) basis. Episode 1 and a bonus episode are already in the bag, so the hardest part (starting) is already over! This isn't happening folks, it has happened. In fact, right after this announcement article I am going to post the first episode available for streaming/download now! (Coming very soon to iTunes!)

My family and close friends know that I am a podcast junkie. I have listened to hours of podcasts each week for the last six years of my life. While most of them are about films and video games you better believe I subscribe to others too (including This American Life like the best of them). Having listened to as many as I have, and being as passionate about movies as I am, I quickly developed a desire to do a podcast of my very own. After untold hours of daydreaming an attempt here and another podcast there, it is finally a reality...

I am pretty psyched about this endeavor and hope you will continue to use The Film Tome as a resource for motion pictures and take the experience to the next level by giving the podcast a listen. Now I have someone else by my side who can elevate the cinematic conversation to another level!

Special thanks to my sister Mandy for making yet another graphic (above) for the site!

Thanks for your readership and now, I hope, for your listenership,
J.S. Lewis

Updated 11/30/12

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