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Linda Blair ain't lookin' so fair... "The Exorcist" (1973)

A month ago today I embarked on an ardent crusade to watch 31 horror films, one every day, throughout the month of October. Ladies and gentlemen, this did not happen. I got behind midway through the month and never caught up again. I ended up 10 horror films shy of my goal... In the very least I concluded as initially planned: by watching a horror classic I had heretofore never seen, "The Exorcist."

Despite my failings this was a good experience for me. It pushed me to see well over a dozen films I had never seen before and a pretty solid nonetheless. I do not think I will try to do this to myself again. It was not the horror that was the problem, it was how tired I found myself on many nights. As far as this "1 month series" (every day watch a certain film) goes, that may have ended before it even started... Who knows, maybe I will be feeling up to it again next Halloween. I do not mean to say I will not attempt another marathon again. In fact, I will begin another this month (Hint: It contains 23 films...) but I am not forcing myself to do it all in a single month. Whew.

The Severed Head Awards

The Severed Head Awards... coming soon!

Next week I am going to honor some of the horror films I watched during the marathon (in addition to posting the full line-up) in The Film Tome's first ever Severed Head Awards! It will be a very informal affair and pretty insignificant as far as awards go, but it should be a fun way to look back at the marathon as a whole and praise my favorites.

A Final Word on Reviews

Adventures in babysitting in "The House of the Devil" (2009)

Another part of my month of horror was to write reviews for each of the films I watched and even go back and cover horror films I had yet to review. This only happened for the first few (including "The House of the Devil," which kicked off my marathon), but stay posted and I will be posting in time.


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