Friday, October 26, 2012


Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark in "Iron Man 3." This time his adversary is the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley if you'll recall the reports. This CGI-bloated spectacle has the honor to be the first in the series not directed by Jon Favreau, which many will not mind after the middling affair that was "Iron Man 2." Instead Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang") is calling the shots. This looks slated to start the summer blockbuster season early (not unlike this year's "The Avengers," which turned out to be a fantastic idea) on May 3, 2013.

Kimberly Pierce ("Boys Don't Cry") is back in the director's chair with an update on "Carrie," the second adaptation of the Stephen King novel. The first starred Sissy Spacek and was directed by Brian De Palma in 1976. Chloe Grace Moretz plays the title role this time around, that poor girl has played every possibility on the deranged spectrum already in her young life. This is a teaser trailer and we are not seeing a whole lot. A fly-over a burning town all towards the young, scared, dangerous and bloody girl. "Carrie" comes out on March 15, 2013 giving myself and others a chance to catch up with the original.

Jason Statham plays a preacher and then a rich Texan in "Parker," which may be the name of his thief's real identity. After he is double-crossed by his former associates he finds himself teaming up with the lovely Jennifer Lopez he plans his revenge. Statham will no doubt deliver the action, Lopez the "love" interest, and director Taylor Hackford another interesting peg in his career. January 25, 2013.

The second trailer for "Jack Reacher" is just as promising as the first, but more so as we get glimpses of my man Werner Herzog (yes, the German filmmaker!) in the role of the villain. Reacher, a police detective, is searching for a military trained sniper who has killed random civillians. He uses brute force with the best of them, but seeing how civillians aid him in escape is particular interesting. See "Jack Reacher" on December 21st.

"American Scream" is another documentary from the makers of the great "Best Worst Movie." We follow three men who are obsessed with transforming their houses and yards into haunted attractions come Halloween. Such homes (and owners) were always able to attract me. This film is the same way. With this being that very season/holiday and all I was hoping this one would have a wider release, but I am having a hard time getting to it even in L.A. Looks like most of us will have to catch up with it on Netflix Instant someday.

Here it is! The trailer we've awaited ever since the news of its making, "Hitchcock." Anthony Hopkins has simply hidden himself within the title of Alfred Hitchcock (I'm just noticing that they have the same initials...). Now "Psycho" is one of the greatest movies ever made and to make a dramatized movie about how it was made is simply irresistable to a filmmaker like myself. Hellen Mirren plays Mrs. Hitchcock and the two are a delight together. Scarlett Johansson plays his blonde in peril and the recreated scenes (particularly that iconic shower look spot on). I cannot wait to see this one! Out in limited theaters on November 23rd.

Quit stealin' pig milk, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


"Fun Size" in the newest Nickelodeon movie that I for one wouldn't want my tween-aged children going to see. Crude humor that ain't funny is utterly unredeemable. No doubt this will make some of the masses guffaw, but I was not amused. Hot high school girl gets stuck babysitting her baby brother on Halloween night and ends up loosing him early on. Later on the car she seduces a peer to drive her in gets humped by a giant chicken. Oh, and Jonny Knoxville gets punched in the nuts. What's new? Happy Halloween everybody. Well, it will be if you avoid "Fun Size," one of the weekend's new releases.


"The First Time" is about two high school students who have never been skydiving and question each other about it and each wonder whether there's really anything special about the first time they do it. Okay, so it's not about skydiving, it's about sex. I could see this being a very awkward date movie. The film certainly aims to be a comedy though there may be enough sincerity to give the subject matter its due. It's hard to tell... "The First Time" is currently playing is select theaters. 


This week's lasso was a sure thing though "Hitchcock" is noteworthy second. "Holy Motors" has been one of the most buzzed about films of the year since its showing at Cannes and it is finally playing in select theaters (not in L.A. yet unfortunately). The top rated comment on YouTube for this trailer is, "WTF?" I had a similar reaction, but in a mostly impressed manner. I really cannot describe this film and that is what is so exciting about it! You're just going to have to watch this trailer folks... "Holy Motors" is the latest film from French director Leos Carax who I now I have all the more reason to catch up with.

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Galyn said...

Did you know your sweet mum has seen the original Carrie a couple of times. I've always liked Sissy Spacek and I felt like I could relate to Carrie in a weird sort of way. I'll tell you about that someday.

There was a house converted to a haunted house in St. George this Halloween and I thought of you and how you used to do it on a much smaller scale.

As I watched the Hitchcock trailer at your home with you, I came away with the feeling that if I were to see the movie, I would learn more about the iconic director that would result in a lower opinion of him. I doubt I'll ever know for sure as I probably won't be seeing it.

Sounds like someone should make a new version of Psycho staring Scarlett Johansson. Wouldn't that be something?