Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Something very dark and twisted is going on in "Stoker," which shouldn't surprise as it is from Park Chan-Wook (the man behind the "Vengeance" trilogy). He lit the South Korean cinema movement on fire and is now gracing the Western world with his presence as he directs his first "American" film. Nicole Kidman plays the mom to Mia Wasikowska as a very disturbed daughter. After the death of their family patriarch an uncle moves in who may or may not be taking his place and then some. After all, this film claims the domain www.DoNotDisturbTheFamily.com. I love the brief monologue from Kidman at the start of this trailer and the creepy yet perfectly calibrated visuals are a Park mark. Surely not for everyone, but for those who follow this remarkable director's career "Stoker" will be out on March 1, 2013 in select cities.

Jason Bateman plays an ordinary man who gets duped by Melissa McCarthy in "Identity Thief." It appears they spend the second and third acts of this film beating the crap out of each other and their cars. I am not all that impressed or entertained... Seth Gordon, fresh off "Horrible Bosses," directs. February 8, 2013.

Last week brought the premiere trailer for "A Good Day to Die Hard." John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back and this time he is exploding up Russia one car at a time. Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" is put to great work as we get a smattering of action excite those this type of fair is made for. Confession, I had not seen the original until earlier this year. It is absolutely the action movie classic I had been led to expect. Now I have a good excuse to catch up with the other entries for this one's release on February 14, 2013. Wait, on Valentine's Day?!

A new trailer for Spielberg's "Lincoln" aired during the presidential debates last week, how fitting! This  one comes with a black and white slideshow of America's black and white history before delving into footage from the actual film. The first trailer was poignant and uplifting, this one is as intense as a Lincoln bio-pic can be. Nationwide on November 16th!

"Lords of Salem" is the latest experiment from hard rocker turned hard director, Rob Zombie. Set to a classical piece this is a visual virtuoso. The imagery is beyond creepy, but often so artfully done that I daresay this looks like Terrence Malick sanctioned horror. That said, I have a feeling this steps over the subject matter line and might just be a devil worshipping film itself. The story is centered on a trio of witches who visit the residents of Salem, Massachusetts. "Lords of Salem" has played in some festivals to mixed reviews and seeks a wider audience next year.

Nic Cage voices the patriarch in a tribe of cave people in "The Croods." They've been taught to never leave their dark and dreary cave, but when they do a colorful and magical world awaits them outside. Hmm... Seems like the moral of this story is going to be quite clear. Still, the world is a sight to behold thanks to fine artists at DreamWorks Animation. Leave your cave on March 22, 2013.

The trailer for "Room 237" or both awful and alluring. All vague tell, no real show - thus, I know nothing about the film but I cannot wait to see it! This is a documentary about Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." Now you know as much as me.

Quit stallin' the stagecoach, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


Does the trailer for "The Guilt Trip" make you laugh, chuckle or even smile? Seriously, I want to know. I do not find this funny in the slightest. Seth Rogan hides behind spectacles (and looks down a lot too, I never noticed that) playing the son of Barbara Streisand who I feel so sorry for being in this film. The two embark on a 8-day road trip, hijinx ensue, especially when people think they are a couple. I'm sure that will never get old! This is from the director of "The Proposal," which I would only give the slightest of thumbs up to. The only guilt trip here is for liking this movie... I know you can find better ways to spend your Christmas Day.


I wanted nothing more to put the golden lasso around "The Lone Ranger" (it would have been so fitting too), but a couple elements left me scratching my head. First off, as others have pointed out, where on Earth is the William Tell Overture. Disney really missed a great opportunity to put that to chilling use! I love the soliloquy to the railroad at work here for most of the trailer, and the visuals definitely show us where the hundred million plus went, but Johnny Depp as Tonto is very distracting and too farfetched. The trailer's closing moment looked like something I don't want to see. Director Gore Verbinski is teaming up with Depp yet again (the "Pirates" trilogy) and in the West once more ("Rango"). Look for Tonto and his masked partner (because the former has stolen the limelight despite the title) too on July 3, 2013.


Marion Cotillard stars in "Rust and Bone" the newest film from Jacques Audiard (see his previous film "A Prophet" for much excellence). Mathias Schoenaerts ("Bullhead") falls for Cotillard who plays a killer whale trainer, but after an accident leaves her crippled the stakes for their relationship go deeper. The trailer is exquisite and I am eager to see the yarn woven by this rather unique French film.

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Galyn said...

I think Daniel Day Lewis is an amazing actor and I'm sure he has done a good job in this film. The Lone Ranger looks weird. I guess I was such a big fan of the original tv show. I think they messed up with how they are portraying Tonto as well. I don't like the feeling I have when I watch the trailer. Those are the only two I watched in this report.