Tuesday, October 2, 2012



This Week
  • Butter* / 69%
  • Frankenweenie / 80%
  • The Oranges* / 40%
  • The Paperboy* / 59%
  • So Undercover*
  • Taken 2 / 7%
  • V/H/S* / 76%
  • Wuthering Heights* / 78%

Last Week

  • The Hole* / 84%
  • Hotel Transylvania / 41%
  • Looper / 93%
  • The Other Dream Team* / 89%
  • Pitch Perfect* / 72%
  • Solomon Kane* / 62%
  • Tales of the Night* / 81%
  • Won't Back Down* / 33%

* = limited release


  • Dark Shadows / 38%
  • The Hole / 81%
  • People Like Us / 57%
  • Red Lights / 29%
  • Sound of My Voice / 75%

% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


French poster for "The Master. Like! The two leads square off forming an inkblot, which plays a minor role in a Rorschach test for Freddie Quell's character. The mirror effect is unsettling.

Ben Affleck, director and star of "Argo," gets huge face on the poster. The film strip 

John Carpenter's legendary horror film gets a fan-made trailer.

"Pain & Gain" is the upcoming film from Michael Bay. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson star as body-building tough guys and that's about all I know. Since it's Bay expect explosions, bimbos, and a ridiculous plot.

The first poster for "Hitchcock." Anthony Hopkins has completely lost himself (and gained a pound or two) playing the Master of Suspense himself. I cannot wait to behold his performance, clearly it is the center of attention.

"Once you see him, nothing can save you." Thanks a lot bleeding girl, you let us see him!

I honestly know nothing about "The Croods," but this looks to be a big journey for a cave family, full of vivid locales and prehistoric creatures. DreamWorks Animation is on a genuine hot streak, perhaps this new IP can continue that success. 

This can only be Cosette (played Isabelle Allen here). It's an original version of that iconic orphan face image that has been associated with the play all these years.

Here we get a close-up of our unlikely hero, Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman). He wields the dagger Sting, though for him it is a short sword. He looks surprisingly intense.

The poster for "Zero Dark Thirty" tells us about as much as the trailer.... Nothing. For a film that was supposed to reveal the classified hunt for Osama Bin Laden it is still pretty secretive.

And in this poster we glimpse the 13 dwarves, with enough hair for 40 men! Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of this expedition, glares at us from the center. I look forward to meeting each of them on December 14th!

Finally, the best new poster I've seen belongs to "Holy Motors." Drew McWeeny of HitFix calls it "a big beautiful drunken dream of a movie." This poster is provocative, threatening, and it looks like one of the most fascinating movies yet to come out this year.

* * *


With "Frankenweenie" hitting theaters this weekend IGN ranks the "Top 5 Tim Burton Movies." Glad to see they got number one right! What's your favorite?

What Culture lists the "5 Greatest Time Time Machines From Film and TV," a hot topic due to "Looper."

Hitfix hits us up with the "15 Most Anticipated Fall Movies of 2012." Each of these are on my radar. Are we going to get any surprises? Here is a similar list from What Culture with a few unique choices.

* * *


After the weekend release of "Looper" Los Angeles Times wonders, "Are We in a Golden Era of Smart Genre Pictures?"

In case you were wondering, here are 6 reasons "The Hobbit" being a trilogy is a good thing.

Marc Webb is going to be directing "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". (Source: The Film Stage)

Film School Rejects explores what is the best science-fiction film since "The Matrix." This is another discussion sparked by the weekend fire of "Looper."

* * *


Yesterday morning it was announced that Seth Macfarlane (creator of "Family Guy") will be hosting next year's Academy Awards. He's talents and funny, but I really hope he can keep Hollywood's biggest night a classy affair. Please Seth, do not do any voices. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

* * *


Scott Mendelson has the weekend box office analysis. "Hotel Transylvania" set a new high record for September.

On Monday's poll Matt Singer asked critics what film they wish could receive Criterion treatment

Redbox is going to enter the "instant streaming" market? (Source: Engadget)

* * *


Check out this fan-cut trailer of "Disney's Looper."


Them Emmys came and went the week before last and I realized I hadn't covered it here. IGN has a list of the winners and The Hollywood Reporter shares the best and worst moments.

Sherlock Holmes mock's America's less-than-original fall lineup. 

After "Brokeback Mountain" we got several "Brokeback" parodies cut from existing films (the "Harry Potter" ones were pretty great). It was only a matter of time before someone made "Breakbad Mountain."

* * *

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Bryson and Tara said...

Hey bubs. I've been perusing through several of your latest posts. I can't believe you're watching a horror film a day. That doesn't sound healthy...

Anyway, have you seen the link from my faebook page, about the making of "Les Mis"? I am SOOOOO excited to see it! I'm also excited to see "The Hobbit". I need to re-read the book before I see it. Which reminds me, are you still going to read "Les Mis" before seeing the movie?

Also, "The Promised Land" looks interesting... Do you know what it's rated?