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(Author's Note: As I mentioned in last night's special "Looper" edition of The Film Tome Report, I am bringing you the weeklies late this week. Also, I have decided to just imbed the trailers on the Trailer Round-Up post itself so there is less clicking and navigating if you want to watch the trailer itself. Thanks for reading and enjoy the round-up!)

Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant (who previously delivered the great "Good Will Hunting" together) have teamed up again for "Promised Land." Damon plays an salesman for an oil company who visits a small town hit hard by the economic swing of our era. He is a charmer and there to convince them to sell their properties, but John Krasinski (Jim from "The Office") stands in his way. It's a "There Will Be Blood" of the modern day, albeit a lot less avant garde. The most interesting thing about this story is that our protagonist likely isn't in the right from the get go. "Promised Land" will be coming to theaters on December 28th.

Here is the second (and better) trailer for "Silver Linings Playbook" fresh off taking home the top prize at the Toronto Film Festival. Writer/director David O. Russell was able to strike the right balance between characters who say hilarious things one scene and incredibly heartfelt things the next in 2010's "The Fighter," one of the best films that year. This trailer looks to do the same. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both have anxiety issues, but join forces to mend their destructive lives. This film is getting Best Picture buzz. I still do not see that from this trailer, but keep it on your radar folks. November 21st.

"Gambit" is an adaptation of the 1966 film of the same name and is penned by the Coen brothers, though not directed by them. Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz team up to dupe Alan Rickman's character to steal a valued painting. These three along with Stanley Tucci look to be having a lot of fun in their roles. The best part is that the film itself looks to be a good time too. Diaz, who a lot of women find annoying for whatever reason, is especially charming as a rodeo star plucked for the job. I wonder why the Coens did not direct this one themselves. Watch the con on November 21st.

Now for two made-for-TV feature films:

"The Girl" is the first film about Alfred Hitchcock we are getting this year, the second will be "Hitchcock." That one covers the making of "Psycho," this one the making of "The Birds." Toby Jones plays the master of suspense himself while Tienna Miller plays his "blonde in peril" actress, Tippi Hedren. (The real Hedren recently came out and spoke of the Hitchcock's harassment of her, this is what led to the making of this film.) This looks quite good. I geek out about seeing the imagined behind-the-scenes process, last year's "Hugo" offered similar sights. However, this delves into the dark relationship between director and actress, a story most of us do not know. Turns out he was the master of suspense in more than one way... If you have HBO I envy you and you must check this out on October 20th.

Lindsey Lohan is stepping out of the news headlines and into the role of Elizabeth Taylor, who made headlines in her time, for "Liz & Dick." While the two actresses have that paparazzi-magnetism in common, there's not a whole lot else. Falling Richard Burton while filming "Cleopatra," this Hollywood starlet set her sights on him and marked this as her fourth marriage. This Lifetime trailer is pretty shoddy: lots of photography flashes, rousing words, and sound bites, but we do not get to see any scene breathe or the performances in it. It is hard to call at this point, but I am not that impressed.

Time to tie the reigns to that their hitchin' post, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!


Um... what on Earth? "Stars in Shorts," as the horrible "movie trailer man voice" explains to us, is seven short films packaged together as one feature. Supposedly it hit theaters this month, but I certainly did not see or hear about it even in Los Angeles. I couldn't tell you what a single one of the shorts is about, only that Colin Firth, Kiera Knightly, and dame Judi Dench are what give the anthology it's uninspired title. The top-rated comment for this link on YouTube reads, "Did anyone else want the narrator to shut the hell up?"


From the writer of several "Saw" sequels comes the "The Collection," which looks like a lot like a "Saw" sequel. From the opening scene (which demonstrates one of the reasons I do not go clubbing) to the hall of nails to the spider traps, we see plenty of creative ways a creep with black mask tortures and kills his victims. Apparently this is a sequel to a 2009 film called "The Collector." You can collect your ticket on November 30th.


"Looper" hit theaters this weekend and its makers have released a ridiculously radical animated trailer. Every trailer for "Looper" has offered something different, but it terms of pure artistic audacity, this one takes the cake. Images familiar and new are given an hand-sketched treatment, set to a tech score that thrills for all 90 seconds. Folks, it looks like we might have a sci-fi classic on our hands (I confirmed that we do indeed yesterday when I went to see it).

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