Sunday, September 9, 2012


Michael Shannon (he was a storm in last year's "Take Shelter") is now "The Iceman." This is a true story about Richard Kuklinski, a family man who worked as a hitman for some two decades. As you'd expect, this only serves to endanger his wife and kids when he upsets his employer (Ray Liotta, back in the game since "Goodfellas" it seems). "The Iceman" has been playing the festival circuit, but look for it in stores or on your preferred streaming service next year. 

"Cloud Atlas" has received a traditional trailer, but we've seen most of this before in that exemplary 5-minute "first look" back in July. "Everything is connected" between an ensemble cast through six times and places (past, present and future). This film is going to be something big: A big fail or a big success is the question. The music plays October 26th.

11-year-old Woody (Michael Rainey Jr.) spends the day with his uncle (played by Common) who just got out of prison in "LUV." What starts as an opportunity to learn more about manhood turns into a crash course in street smarts and survival in the Baltimore suburbs. The nephew-uncle leads give powerful performances and where this day goes begs to be discovered. This indie drama hits select cities on November 9th.

"Snowman's Land" is the place where hitmen go to take time off. This dark German comedy follows Walter who meets an old friend Mickey on the way to the remote getaway. Think "In Bruges" if it were in the Overlook Hotel. Mishaps take place and these two land themselves in even more trouble. The trailer is snappy, hilarious, and provocative. Look for this unique thriller in limited release and iTunes later this month.

One of Disney Pixar's instant classics is heading back to theaters on December 19th: "Monster's, Inc. 3D." It's a wonderful and imaginative film, but is it worth paying double digits to see it in this new light? The theatrical experience is second to none and this woudl be a good opportunity to prepare for the prequel, "Monster's University," due out next June.

"A Night in the Woods" is what "The Blair Witch Project" would have been like with some high-quality camcorders. Yes, more found footage fair, but such will always find a place in The Film Tome! This is an ever-evolving sub-genre where you will see the patterns and the innovations. This entry (from the makers of 2010's "Monsters") feels more realistic and artsy than previous attempts. Yes, the title includes "in the woods" which a certain movie earlier this year should have prevented, but nobody's perfect. This is British horror and is currently scaring up folks thataways.

Ride like the wind Bullseye, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!

Sick Cow:

Just last week I covered the found-footage fest that is "V/H/S." This week we have the trailer for Barry Levinson's "The Bay," an assembled document of the parasitical outbreak from Chesapeake Bay. News anchors, vlogs, cop car cameras, and cell phones are all part of the silly casserole. In this post-"Cloverfield" genre schlock like this just won't cut it. I'd bet the boat that "The Bay" arrives belly up in theaters (and on iTunes) come November 2nd.

"The Hurt Locker," "The Town," "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, "The Bourne Legacy, and "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters"? How the heck did the talented Jeremy Renner end up in something like this? This twist on the classic fairy tale tries to be funny and action-packed, but neither entertains or thrills. I found myself longing for "Van Helsing"... This witch-hunt due January 11th really can wait.

The Head-Scratcher:

Remember Sid's twisted collection of "toys" in the first "Toy Story"? Keep that in mind as you watch the trailer for "Toys in the Attic." This Czech stop-motion animation fantasy is getting an (undoubtedly limited) American release three years after its initial release. It is far too strange and ugly to compete with the likes of "ParaNorman" and "Frankenweenie." Even though the trailer didn't sell me I still think it deserves a chance - but surely it will not stand for one.

Lasso of the Week:

"Branded" hit select theaters this weekend. After watching the trailer I just want to see it so I can wrap my head around the concept and make some conclusions. Our world in envisioned as a dystopia where corporations hide behind their logos and the people are stuck in contentment. I was reminded of the depiction of humanity in "WALL-E." Well, our hero (let's just call him the One") sees through the fabric and the plastic and wants to do something about it. "The Matrix" meets the Oscar-winning short "Logorama" in "Branded," a film that looks so crazy it must be seen.


Colloquial Mage said...

Ever seen "They Live"? It seems like branded is based on the same idea. Different, but the basic story is the same.

J.S. Lewis said...

I haven't yet, but keep hearing about it. This will make me seek it out sooner though!