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This Week
  • 10 Years* 
  • Arbitrage* / 83%
  • Finding Nemo 3D / 99%
  • Freelancers*
  • Last Ounce of Courage*
  • Liberal Arts* / 70%
  • The Master* / 88%
  • Resident Evil: Retribution

Last Week

  • Bachelorette* / 57%
  • Branded*
  • The Cold Light of Day* / 8%
  • The Eye of the Storm* / 63%
  • Girl Model* / 88%
  • The Inbetweeners* / 62%
  • REC 3 Genesis*/ 38% 
  • The Words / 30%

* = limited release


  • For Greater Glory / 18%
  • October Baby / 22%
  • Snow White and the Huntsman / 48%
  • Titanic / 88%
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting / 23%

% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


"How to Survive a Plague," a powerful upcoming documentary, gets a poster capable of being designed by a child. This is not a knock against it but a reminder of the epidemic that threatened many of us and how we can survive together.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence face off in "Silver Linings Playbook." The sketched play fills in the space between them (and gives room for the typical poster information). The light blue of Cooper's eye catches my eye.

* * *


The Guardian attempts to rank "The 23 Best Film Directors in the World Today." P.T. Anderson sits in the throne. Who belongs (on/off)?

"The Master," P.T. Anderson's follow-up to "There Will Be Blood," soon cometh. But lets remember that memorable modern masterpiece with these 10 amazing photos from the set. (Source: Miramax)

In their 2012 Fall Preview The Film Stage shares the "10 Best Films We've Seen & 10 Festival Titles We Hope Get Released."

The spirit of the Sight & Sound poll will continue to live on for the foreseeable future. I just may get around to listing the 10 films I consider to be the greatest (or my favorite) of all-time, not a task I approach half-heartedly. Drew McWeeny of Hitfix shared, "How I Picked My Favorite 20 Films of All-Time and Why" back in May.

In a related feat, Rupert Pupkin of Rupert Pupkin Speaks recently shared "My Current Top 50 Films of All-Time."

Apartment Therapy has "Five Great Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Tonight." Note: I do not recommend watching all in one night.

* * *


Daniel Craig is going to play Bond (James Bond) at least five times. With "Skyfall" coming out this October we can anticipate two more in the coming year. (Source: IGN)

* * *


The Venice Film Festival wrapped this last weekend and the prizes are listed here. Highlights include Kim-Ki Duk's "Pieta" taking home the Golden Lion and Jaoquin Phoenix and Philip Seymore Hoffman sharing the Best Actor(s) prize for "The Master." (Source: The Film Stage)

In a Criticwire poll for festival attendees "The Master" came out on top.

CNN sits down for a brief video interview with the director and producer of "Samsara," which is an opportunity you must seize if showing in a theater near you. I had the opportunity to see it last month followed by a Q&A with these guys. Like "Baraka" before it, "Samsara" is a tremendous sight and currently my top film this year.

Roger Ebert's memoir, "Life Itself," is in talks to receive a documentary adaptation from the likes of Martin Scorsese and Steve James. Two fine filmmakers covering the most famous film critic? It's going to be a love fest! (Source: The Film Stage)

Here's a first look at some "Lincoln" footage. Not a lot to see and it feels instantaneously Spielbergian. The trailer is scheduled to drop this Thursday, just in time to be rounded up into Trailer Round-Up: Herd 84. More then.

Richard Linklater (along with leads Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) has already wrapped shooting for "Before Midnight," the third entry in his much-applauded relationship series. (Source: The Film Stage)

* * *


Scott Mendelson has the weekend box office analysis. "The Possession" comes out on top again, but it was one of the worst weekends in years.

In honor of "The Master" hitting select theaters this Friday Matt Singer asks film critics what the best P.T. Anderson film is in the weekly Criticwire survey. I am huge fan of every Anderson picture (honestly don't know how many other filmmakers I could say that about). I would ultimately have to side with "magnolia" though, which I often cite as my favorite movie. "The Master" marks Anderson's sixth film. What is your favorite?

Matt Singer says a scene from "Boogie Nights" explains why you should see "The Master" in 70mm. Not everyone will have the luxury though.

"Cloud Atlas" premiered last week at the Toronto Film Festival and as I predicted it is garnering mixed reviews. You cannot have something that ambitious and expect anything different. Many of the reactions have been gathered on Criticwire.

DreamWorks Animation, in a new partnership with 20th Century Fox, has announced their lineup for the next several years with an astounding dozen titles! Sequels to established IPs like "How to Train Your Dragon 2" (and "How to Train Your Dragon 3" for that matter) and "Kung Fu Panda 3" are listed as well as original ideas like "Me and My Shadow" and "B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations." They have specific dates for the next four years so you can start marking your calendars. Honestly this news could be taken as good or bad, but I simply find this to be mighty impressive. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Check out this trailer for "Up to Speed," a new series on Hulu. Directed by the always-up-to-something-new Richard Linklater this is a tour guide series led by Timothy Levitch. I personal have mixed feelings regarding the project, but I reserve final judgement until I have actually seen an episode or two. Levitch was the eclectic force at the front and center of "The Cruise," a hilarious and stupor-inducing documentary. Truth be told, I like the Levitch we were left with then. Finding the man and picking him up again seems to be returning to the same well and not as refreshing this time around.

Scott Tobias of the A.V. Club analyzes "12 Monkeys." I love this movie.

Jackson Murphy is back with another installment of his web series, "The Critics." This time they are discussing the best summer action movies.

Pixar's Andrew Stanton looks back on making "John Carter," an ambitious but ultimately failed film. (Source: L.A. Times)

Peter Travers kicks off his 2012 Fall Movie Preview

 * * *


Kubrick loved his one-point perspective. Here's a mighty video compilation (set to the fine score from "Requiem for a Dream") to prove it.

* * *


Feel like Caging your Netflix queue? With just one click you can add every Nic Cage film to your line-up. Why? Why on Earth not?! 

* * *


IGN shares "The Most Promising New Network Series" hitting TV this fall.

Here is a supercut entitled, "TV's Frist Days of School."

Flavorwire considers the "20 of the Best Closing Scenes in Television."

The folks at Slate, with apparently nothing better to do, calculate how much money was seen in the "Breaking Bad" mid-season finale.

Finally, here is a fan-made tribute to "Breaking Bad": "The Journey of Walter White." This goes through season 5, episode 8 - so there be spoilers here.

* * *

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