Wednesday, September 5, 2012



This Week
  • Bachelorette* / 57%
  • Branded*
  • The Cold Light of Day* / 8%
  • The Eye of the Storm* / 63%
  • Girl Model* / 88%
  • The Inbetweeners* / 62%
  • REC 3 Genesis*/ 38% 
  • The Words / 30%

Last Week

  • The Day* / 27%
  • For a Good Time, Call...* / 61%
  • The Good Doctor* / 59%
  • Lawless* / 66%
  • Little Birds* / 50%
  • The Oogielvoes in the Big Balloon Adventure* / 29%
  • The Possession / 39%
  • The Tall Man* / 53%

* = limited release


  • The Five-Year Engagement / 63%
  • Piranha 3DD / 14%
  • Safe / 57%
  • Titanic / 88%
  • Umberto D. CC / 96%
  • Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day / 20%

CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


Indiewire lets you know "The 7 Indie Films You Must See This September."

Here are the "Top 10 Movies You Didn't Know Were Based on Shakespeare Plays."

Gary Oldman has a role in "Lawless" which hit theaters last week. Rotten Tomatoes has "Total Recall: Gary Oldman."

With "The Words" hitting this weekend (and the most excellent "The Imposter" still in limited release) here is "Total Recall: Liars, Hoaxers, and Frauds" from Rotten Tomatoes. "Catch Me If You Can" anyone?

Jordan Hoffman and Matt Singer discuss "The Best and Worst Movies of Summer 2012."

Rotten Tomatoes  has their Summer Movie Scorecard ready to take home to mom and dad!

Richard Roeper discusses this summer's movies in "A Season of Blockbusters and Bullets."

Here are "The Best Reviewed Indie Films of the Summer (and Where to Find Them)" from Indiewire. Folks, we've come full circle in this segment.

* * *


Mr. Jim Carrey is ready to kick some booty in "Kick Ass 2" playing Colonel Stars. (Source: The Film Stage)

The GREAT Jaoquin Phoenix will star in Spike Jonze's ("Adaptation" and "Where the Wild Things Are") next film, "Her." Quick synopsis: In the not-too-distant future a man falls in love with his operating system! Yes, he turns her on (that was my joke!). All kinds of weird, but with these two involved I'm game. (Source: The Film Stage)

* * *


Half of the top fifty (that's twenty-five for you who hate math) of the recent Sight & Sound Greatest Films poll are in the Criterion Collection. In an on-going series they are going to highlight these heavily-accoladed movies. First up is "Au hasard Balthazar." Still gotta see this one! You?

Park Chan-wook, the South Korean visionary behind the Vengeance Trilogy (i.e. "Oldboy") is considering a Western! Yes, please, thank you. (Source: /Film)

As if that rumor/news wasn't exciting enough, Ryan Gosling is going to write/direct a fantasy noir (really not a lot of those...)! Christina Hendricks (who was in "Drive" with Gosling last year) will co-star in this exciting project. Production on "How to Catch a Monster" will begin early next year. (Source: The Film Stage)

Matt Singer discusses a masterful trailer that does not spoil.

The Film Stage has plentiful information regarding Terrence Malick's newest film (fastest follow-up he has ever done!), "To the Wonder." It is currently garnering mixed reactions at Venice Film Festival, which I consider to be good news because "The Tree of Life" was the same way. 

* * *


China will not co-produce American movies so easily from this time forth. (Source: /Film)

* * *


Sony Pictures has greenlit a Will Smith project, "The Redemption of Cain." This is based on the Cain and Abel story from Genesis. Oh, and naturally they are inserting vampires to the mix... (Source: IGN)

* * *


"The Possession" leads the way and "The Oogieloves" flop into the record books. Scott Mendelson has the box office analysis.

You may remember the news that "Gangster Squad" was going back to production for a re-shoot in order to replace to movie theater shooting sequence in light of recent events. Actor Michael Peña shares some thoughts. I still think they surely did not need to go to these lengths. How do you feel on this issue? (Source: MTV)

Ever wondered how Netflix sorts their library into those endless sub-genres? This L.A. Times article takes us behind the scenes to meet some "Netflix taggers."

Scott Mendelson considers "The Avengers" and the arthouse to have saved this summer in movies.

Apparently "The Avengers" once had an alternate beginning to that we saw in theaters. Honestly, I felt it. The cold and cumbersome start was one of my main gripes to what otherwise was the best superhero experience available this year. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

A far-flung correspondent of Roger Ebert's remembers "Maverick" in an short essay entitled, "Life as a Poker Game."

Graham Button of Co.Design teaches us "What Film Crews Can Teach You About Running a Business."

 * * *


In honor of "Lawless" here is a video essay about Prohibition-era clothes in film.

The Film Tome loveth the Criterion Collection. If you love film it is pretty hard not to. Check out the first 600 films in that hallowed library in an impressive 2.5-minute video.

Joss Whedon (director of "The Avengers") has a bit of fun playing up the "threat" of the recent limited release of a heartfely indie comedy, "Sleepwalk with Me." (Source: Deadline Hollywood)

Make sure you familiarize yourself with this Reboot Grid. (Source: Vulture)

Last month Digital Spy had an exclusive scoop on the storyline for the "Dumb & Dumber" sequel. Tell me, do you want this to happen?

* * *


You'll never guess who has gotten Rickrolled this time... Check out this "Mad Men" sing-song. Man, this must have taken a long, bloody time. (Slate has some words on this very video here.)

Ever wondered the origins of Homer Simpson's "D'oh"?

Now it is time for a fresh batch of "Breaking Bad"-related content! The mid-season finale aired on Sunday ending things on a high note (as usual).

Have you tried these donuts? (Source: Laughing Squid)

Can you imagine a "Breaking Bad" animated series? (Source: Popped Culture)

Have you seen Funny or Die's first look at the "Breaking Bad" spin-off, "Pinkman." It's in the vein of Seinfeld.

If you're like me you've been raving about the cinematography in the "Breaking Bad" series since the promising pilot. Not only is one of the best TV shows we've ever been given, it is one of the best shot TV shows. Here is a video essay highlighting that very subject.

A TV writer for Slate makes a point of Walter White's ego.

Seth Amitin of IGN reviews last night's stellar mid-season finale.

Disclaimer!: You should only watch this if you watched last night's episode of "Breaking Bad." Well, this is one take on how it should have ended. Yes, it's pretty crude, but with the way they've mixed (morbid) humor into deadly serious situations in the past... They could have pulled this off.

Lots of "Breaking Bad" love going around this week, but What Culture recently had the guts argued "100 Reasons Why 'Lost' is the Greatest TV Show of All-Time."

* * *

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I remember Maverick - the TV show and the movie with Jodie Foster- it just seemed weird for her to be in the part she played, in my opinion. Have you seen it?