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Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run)
August 20, 1998 (Germany)
81 min
Germany (German)

Written and Directed by Tom Tykwer

"Run Lola Run" is the "Groundhog Day" of Generation Z, a kinetic crash course in the metaphysical that obliterates filmmaking and the medium itself in a most transfixing way.

Some questions. What would you do if your lover called you from a pay-phone and told you they needed $100,000 in twenty minutes or they'd be killed? Would you run? Where to? "Run Lola Run" answers that question for one set of star-crossed lovers again and again. It's a film that rarely catches its breath and we are right alongside it. From visionary filmmaker Tom Tyker, "Run Lola Run" utilizes split screens, time manipulation, and plays with the medium of film (including changes of film stock and even resorting to animated sequences). Set to a techno track that resets itself accordingly, the story spins like a record. Lola is the needle trying to find the right groove to play.

The opening narration pontificates mankind, life's unanswered question. The male voice concludes, "The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes. That's a fact. Everything else is pure theory." Here's an exercise that doesn't even last that long and the theories you can derive from it are timeless. Herein the butterfly effect is demonstrated. Could bumping into someone on the sidewalk completely change the course of their lives? One stylish touch is the life snapshots we witness of those Lola runs into. Filmmakers really are rather godlike.

Lola and Manni (the man at the pay-phone) are in love. The only breaks the film takes are flashbacks of conversations they had in bed. More questions arise, ones you will ask yourself and ask the person you'd run for. I had been hearing about "Run Lola Run" ever since I seriously dedicated my life to film and have only now just caught up with it. I completely realize why I was constantly hearing about it.  You will have to wonder too until you see it.


CONTENT: some violence, adult conversation, and brief strong language

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