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(Author's Note: The time has come for some change! For a plethora of reasons I am going to be splitting The Film Tome Report into two parts each week. The only, though major, difference is that the Trailer Round-Up is going to be a post all of its own. You can expect The Film Tome Report late every Monday night with the rest of the usual categories. The purpose of The Film Tome Report is to inform you of what is new in theaters and stores, movie news, and other fun, cool or strange film tidbits. The Trailer Round-Up will also be posted weekly. I am not sure what day that will fall on yet, but you can expect that segment to be a continuation of what I have already been doing - just separated from here on out. Thank you for visiting The Film Tome, please feel free to comment below and let me know how I am doing. Enjoy the show because this is a hefty issue even without the trailers.)


This Week
  • The Day*
  • For a Good Time, Call...* / 80%
  • The Good Doctor* / 80%
  • Lawless* / 76%
  • Little Birds* / 80%
  • The Oogielvoes in the Big Balloon Adventure*
  • The Possession
  • The Tall Man*

Last Week

  • The Apparition / 3%
  • Hit & Run* / 45%
  • Little White Lies* / 42%
  • Premium Rush / 74%
  • Samsara* / 89%
  • Sleepwalk With Me* / 84%
  • Thunderstruck* / 29%
  • The Victim* 0%

* = limited release


  • Battleship / 34%
  • Headhunters / 92%
  • Lonesome CC
  • The Lucky One / 20%
  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits / 86%
  • Quadrophenia CC / 100%
  • Think Like a Man / 54%

CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


Daniel Day-Lewis should run for president! Oh wait, he was born in London. Well, the next best thing (perhaps even better) would be to portray one of greats. This profile of the man's face shows that he truly has become the Mr. Abe during at the close of the Civil War. Expect a trailer soon.

Simple stuff: Brad Pitt toting a shotgun, around him all white on all black. Simply cool.

There is no shortage of stylish posters for "Looper." Through Gordon-Levitt's character is his older self (Willis). My prediction is if one dies so will the other, this image seems to suggest the young will dissipate... 

"Monster's Inc." is returning to theaters this December with that added dimension. Our friend Mike tries on specs in this promotional poster, but as I've learned you cannot see 3D with just one eye...

* * *


The Playlist their "15 Most Anticipated Films for the Rest of 2012." Most of the usual suspects that have already been featured in The Film Tome Report.

Tim Grierson (of Gawker) shares "The 10 Films I'm Most Excited to See at the Toronto Film Festival." This list has some far more interesting choices than the one above.

"Ten Movies People Love... And Why They Aren't That Great." IGN pissed a lot of people off with this article, which will soon lead to a post all of its own. What are your thoughts regarding these ten popular films? (And please, don't act like an enraged, immature interweb commenter.)

"Samsara" easily ranked among my most anticipated films of the year and I've yet to see it. To further whet my appetite lists "10 Films to Watch Before or After 'Samsara'," which they consider to be the best movie to see in theaters this year.

What Culture ranks "Tony Scott's 10 Greatest Films."

How about another take? CriticWire has "The Essentials: The Five Best Tony Scott Films."

Jesse Carp of Cinema Blend on "The 10 Best Tony Scott Scenes."

What Culture also shares the "5 Most Badass Film Heroines of 2012." Happy to see Noomi Rapace's character from "Prometheus" in the running!

* * *


The recent "Greatest Films Poll" by Sight & Sound is still all the buzz. The British Film Institute has released this hub where you can see both lists (voted by critics and directors) and search for all films included. Cinephiles could easily spend hours perusing this mega-log. I am now going to be using this as the go-to place for the films I need to watch. Besides They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? I cannot think of a better list for the best films in all the world.

Regarding this very poll, Jim Emerson considers, "The Great Movies (Almost) Nobody Voted For."

Matt Singer also shares his favorite crazy votes from the Sight & Sound list.

CriticWire has asked film critics for the most anticipated films of the fall. Here are the results. "Looper" appears to be the most popular choice. Surprised? What is yours?

* * *


Matt Singer shares some awkward movie going experiences. Can you top that?

* * *


Here is Scott Mendelson doing one of the things he does best, weekend box office analysis! "The Expendables 2" came out on top again in one of the slowest weeks of the film-going 

"2016: Obama's America" expanded to more screens this past weekend. The Hollywood Reporter rounds up what some critics are saying.

"Premium Rush" hit theaters last weekend and so Rotten Tomatoes has a Total Recall on Bicycle Movies.

Scott Mendelson memorializes Tony Scott in a blog post about the man who made 'movies.'

Slate examines how Tony Scott's "Days of Thunder" changed Hollywood for the better.

The L.A. Times remembers Tony Scott and Denzel Washington's career together.

Writer/director Edgar Wright talks about "The Great Tony Scott" on his blog.

Here is a nice tribute of critics and filmmakers remembering Tony Scott (Source: CriticWire)

Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maquire, and Tom Hardy are teaming up for an anti-poaching film in the style of Soderbergh's tremendous "Traffic." Okay, you've got my attention... (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Ben Affleck passed on the Justice League. Now the Wachowskis ("The Matrix" and this year's "Cloud Atlas") are are in talks. (Source: The Film Stage)

 * * *


/Film is one of the best film blogs around. What Peter Sciretta and company have done and continue to do is an inspiration and constant source for bloggers like myself. Full disclosure, their somewhat-daily "Page 2" series is one of the many places I mine for random film-related gems. If you thought there was a lot of content here, they are shoveling it out over there. Recently they posted "The 500th Edition of Page 2," so check it out!

How would one possibly begin to graph the great Meryl Streep? Like this. (Source: Vulture

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look at the "Carrie" remake.

And here is a first look at Leo on the set of Marty Scorsese's newest, "The Wolf of Wall Street." (Source: The Film Stage)

Check out these iconic stills from horror films, "24 Frames: Supernatural Horror." Thanks Rotten Tomatoes.

Above "Looper" is re-imagined as an 8-bit video game.

Wow. The "Ghostbusters" theme played by floppy disk drives?!

That was a nice segway into a supercut tribute to the man, the legend, the Bill Murray!

* * *


Folks, here it is. The "Taken" / "Finding Nemo" mashup you've all been waiting for!

* * *


What Culture ranks the "25 Best Supporting Characters in 'The Simpsons'."

Seth Amitin over at IGN gives a review of last night's episode of "Breaking Bad," "Say My Name."

Here are "10 TV Shows Cancelled Before Their Time." (Source: What Culture)

Here is a "Breaking Bad" Mentos commercial using the teaser from a recent episode.

Finally, AMC lists "Ten Ways to Get Ready for Ready for the Last 'Breaking Bad' Episode This Sunday."

* * *


Joshua Matern said...

Immature web comment! Rargh! Loser! Blagh!

But seriously, nice article. Funny that only one thing that comes out this week is for general release and everything else is limited.

The Scorsese film looks interesting, but it seems to me that if Tim Burton has a thing for Johnny Depp then Scorsese has a thing for Leo.

J.S. Lewis said...

Yeah, end of August is not a popular time to release new movies. "The Possession" will not have any (wide) competition though...

Definitely true about Scorsese & Leo. Director/actor teams would make a good Top Ten list!