Monday, August 27, 2012


September 25, 2005 (Montreal World Film Festival)
October 14, 2005 (United States)
127 min
United States (English)

Directed by Tony Scott
Written by Richard Kelly

"Domino" is a furious film capable of infuriating its viewers. Tony Scott's vision is admirable even though it is much too much.

Kiera Knightley, one of the prettiest living faces in cinema, plays title character Domino. She was model in England before moving with her mother to Beverly Hills, only to become a bounty hunter. The opening title cards inform that this is based on a true story then amend this claim with "sort of." That last part must be a significant understatement. Knightley, Mickey Rourke, and Édgar Ramírez each commit to their roles, forming a punishing squad of our new millenium.

Their exploits are selected to become a reality TV show produced by Mark Heiss (Christopher Walken) and hosted by former stars of  "Beverly Hills, 90210" (who play caricatures of themselves). "Domino" finds its place in our real world by being a hyperactive and satirical jaunt through our landmarks and culture. Mo'Nique's scene on Jerry Springer is a humorous highlight.

There is scarcely a second of "Domino" that is not moving 100 MPH. I have never seen anything like it and for that I would turn film buffs towards it. I would like to think of this movie as unforgettable as I do not wish to revisit it anytime soon. Elements of "Domino" are throwbacks to exploitation flicks, but brings its own flavor (penned by Richard Kelly ("Donnie Darko"), envisioned by Tony Scott, and ferociously shot by Dan Mindel.) This high-octane bio-pic contains more drama than an episode of "90210" though it is treated like an action film. The form is exhilarating yet deeply drags in the second hour.


CONTENT: strong bloody violence, strong language, sexual content, nudity

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