Tuesday, July 31, 2012



This Week
  • 360* / 40%
  • The Babymakers*
  • Celeste and Jesse Forever* / 77%
  • Craigslist Joe*
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
  • Dreams of a Life* / 81%
  • Soldiers of Fortune*
  • Total Recall

Last Week
  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry* / 93%
  • Burning Man* / 74%
  • Killer Joe* / 75%
  • Klown* / 79%
  • Ruby Sparks / 76%
  • Sacrifice* / 71%
  • Step Up Revolution / 35%
  • The Watch / 15%

* = limited release


  • / 33%
  • ATM / 10%
  • Detention / 32%
  • Le Havre CC / 99%
  • LOL
CC = Criterion Collection
% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


"The Imposter" mixes typical documentary footage within intense dramatic reenactments like we've seldom seen before. The story, involving the disappearance and return of a Texas teen, fills a viewer with intrigue. I only have to wait until Wednesday to see this film, but I'm sure you'll want to be on the look out for a digital or hard copy release later this year.

While "Rec 3" is a sequel you have to admire where it does shine new. I do not think we've ever seen a wedding turned slasher before. The Bride (in true Tarantino fashion) looks more than capable to protect herself from the rabid living dead that turned the world upside down for our protagonists in the first film, a Spanish found footage film among the best the sub-genre has to offer. We get some security cameras, but the vast majority of the shots seem to be non-diagetic. Why then use the "Rec" namesake at all? Guess I'll have to see it and found out! August 3rd on iTunes and September 7th in very limited theaters.

We got an interesting teaser for "Life of Pi" before 3D showings of "Prometheus," but now we have a full trailer. I love the lack of dialogue (which makes sense when one is the only person around), which forces us to focus on the simplified but serene sights. After a shipwreck, a young man is forced to take an adventure with a Bengal tiger on a boat. It's "The Hangover" meets "Lifeboat"! The 3D I saw felt far too forced, but I am still onboard for November 21st. Ang Lee continues his unknowable directorial path.

"Celeste and Jesse Forever" hits select theaters this week. This feels like a familiar Sundance indie dramedy (which it is). Lovers separatejealousies surface, and (I'm gonna take a wild guess) they discover they should remain together. We get most of this story in the trailer. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg in the title roles appear to be the main draws here.

After you sheriff, I reckon it's prime time for the Trailer Round-Up Awards!

Lasso of the Week:

"Cloud Atlas" made my list of most anticipated films for the rest of the year even though I did not know much about it. After watching the lengthy "trailer" (it's simply being called a "First Look") perhaps I know less about it. Okay, that's just teasing but what a complex narrative through time and space this appears to sew! Visually this is remarkable stuff. The trailer slowly eases us into what becomes something comparable to the likes of "The Fountain" and "The Fall," two of the more ambitious films of the last decade. Then it hits the rocket boosters and we are taken on a ride. That long take within the car during a crash is incredible and leads into the preview's climax of sound and image a like. A large cast does not make it any easier to follow. Still, there is plenty to admire here. "Everything is Connected" on October 26th.

* * *


In this week's Enlisted we look at three consecutive years of films, 2012 being in the middle:

First, First Showing lists "The 19 Best You Didn't See in 2011." Saw several of these, the rest are on my radar.

Film School Rejects lists "9 Ridiculously Great Movies You've Already Missed in 2012." While I have heard of all of these except "Hysteria," I have seen none of them. Therefore I deem this list worthy of its name.

Pajiba is looking forward to the future and lists "The 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2013."

* * *


You don't get news like this every week... The Weinstein Company has pushed P.T. Anderson's "The Master" forward a month and it will receive a September release! (Source: The Film Stage)

* * *


Slate thinks the real problem with "The Dark Knight Rises" is that the climbing scenes do not make sense.

"The Shining" may be getting a prequel. Please remind me if something like this has ever been a great idea. (Source: Total Film)

* * *


Scott Mendelson covers the weekend box office. "The Dark Knight Rises" continues to rise while "The Watch" struggles critically and commercially.

This morning on Facebook Peter Jackson officially announced that "The Hobbit" would become a trilogy! I did not post this under The Good or The Bad because I, as big as a LOTR fanboy as I am, feel indifferent towards the issue. I love Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and still consider "The Hobbit" to be my favorite book ever writ. That said, I still think this has just as much to do with commercial thinking than creative thinking. As someone on Twitter said, now they will make $3 billion instead of $2 billion. At the end of the day this new trilogy will look great next to the original one in my library (let us just hope it doesn't go the way of "Star Wars.") What do you think abou this news? Take part in the poll over at The Film Tome Facebook page, link to the left. (Source: Total Film)

Roger Ebert discusses recent changes in the (in)famous IMDb Top 250. I have always found this list infinitely readable. What is most interesting is that there is a fair share of older films going on, not just the latest and greatest blockbusters.

Rian Johnson (director of "Brick" and this September's "Looper") shares his thoughts on 3D on his blog. An interesting read that is well-worth any cinephile's time.

Whatever your feelings were towards "The Dark Knight Rises," Jim Emerson thinks there is still a lot to talk about.

Speaking of which, Christopher Nolan previously explained why "The Dark Knight Rises" is not in 3D.

Aaron Bady of The New Inquiry encourages us to "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Dark Knight."

 * * *


Above is the recipe for a Sports Comeback Movie! Check out more here.

* * *


Jimmy Fallon gives "The Dark Knight Rises" a Pee-Wee Herman makeover.

* * *


Alan Sepinwall of Hit Fix analyses last night's episode of "Breaking Bad," "Hazard Pay."

Slate looks at season 5 of "Breaking Bad" thus far here and here.

Funny or Die has assembled "The 60 Best 'Breaking Bad' GIFs." Now, if you are not up-to-date with this show you should do your best to avoid them as they can be spoiler-ific in nature. (This means you honey!) If you are all caught up, enjoy! Also, you may wanna check out www.breakinggifs.com.

* * *


Trent said...

Ridiculously excited for The Master's move-up, we'll see when it hits SLC though. (I can't wait until I live somewhere with a limited release theater nearby). I also thought of The Fountain when watching Cloud Atlas, I think it could be great (and I hope it is) but it's also easy to mess up. Kind of like how Watchmen is hard to appreciate if you're not familiar with the story already. Or The Fountain can be considered great but it's also inaccessible to the general population. Every one of the 19 of 2011 I have either seen or are on my to watch list and a lot of the great movies of 2012 are not great at all (don't waste your time on Hysteria: good idea, poorly executed).

Trent said...

Oh yeah, the reason why I was going to comment in the first place is the news about The Hobbit. It was obviously a money-grubbing decision, and now we have to wait even longer to get the whole story, (plus the eventual extended editions). My only concern is that now other franchises will feel they can do this same thing, I'm waiting for the announcement that Breaking Dawn Part 2 has now been split into 3 separate films.

Galyn said...

Watched the trailer for Celeste and Jesse Forever because I just saw Rashida Jones in a "Who Do You Think You Are" show. I was most surprised by how Elijah Wood looked. Cloud Atlas makes my head hurt.No, No, not a prequel to the Shining! I agree with Trent- it's all about the $, at least where the Hobbit is concerned.

J.S. Lewis said...

Trent, I still need to catch up with "The Watchmen" but think I need to read the graphic novel first.