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Author's Note: It has been nearly a month since the last issue of The Film Tome Report. Please excuse my absence as I was busy preparing for a wedding, getting married (yes, I was preparing for my wedding), and then road-tripping for the past two weeks. Several potential issues have passed by but I am ready to get back into the swing of things with the 75th issue tonight! Some news and trailers featured herein are a month old now, but I feel late coverage is better than no coverage. Thanks for your patience and please enjoy the issue!


This Week
  • Alps* / 83%
  • Easy Money*
  • Farewell, My Queen* / 90%
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift / 52%
  • The Imposter* / 94%
  • Red Lights* / 44%
  • Salute* / 100%
  • Trishna* / 75%

Last Week
  • The Amazing Spider-Man / 74%
  • Katy Perry: Part of Me* / 75%
  • The Magic of Belle Isle* / 33%
  • The Pact* / 68%
  • Savages / 53%

* = limited release


  • American Reunion / 43%
  • Being Flynn / 55%
  • Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope / 83%
  • The Flowers of War / 41%
  • Margaret / 71%

% from Rotten Tomatoes

* * *


"The Queen of Versailles" is a documentary about a billionaire's wife and their life before and after the economic meltdown. The film revolves around the construction of their 90,000 square foot mansion... so big it has ten kitchens. Luxurious problems ensue, jokes are made left and right, and life is put into perspective. Lauren Greenfield won Best Director at Sundance for this film. In select theaters on July 20th.

"The Watch" has a pretty fun premise: Four suburban guys (with apparently nothing better to do) form a neighborhood watch group. Their job becomes all the more meaningful when aliens invade their neighborhood in human form (curse those body snatchers). Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade ("The IT Crowd") star in this hit-or-miss sci-fi comedy. I laughed less than I laughed and couldn't help but long for last year's indie hit "Attack the Block" (my review). Will you be watching for this one to land on July 27th?

Stephen Gyllenhaal (father of Jake and Maggie) directs "Grassroots," a comedy based on a true story about an political unknown sticking it to the man and running for Seattle City Councilman. Alongside his buddy they stand a surprisingly fighting chance despite their unorthodox campaign. While this takes place in 2001, it is yet another political comedy (see "The Campaign") that is coming out this year for a reason. The trailer is entertaining enough and I truly want to find out who wins by watching the movie. "Grassroots" is currently in select theaters.

"Ted," to everyone's surprise, set records the weekend before last at the box office. Seth Macfarlene, creator of the hit TV show "Family Guy," directs and voices the film's title star. Ted is, well, a teddy bear brought to life in answer to a young boy's wish. Flash forward 27 years and that young boy is a grown man (Mark Wahlberg) and the bear is still his roommate. Ted has grown up too. The shock factor that this film bears (pun) is that a child's toy has become an offensive, pot-smoking, horny, alcoholic bachelor. Ted himself (voiced  sounds far too similar to Peter Griffin from "Family Guy," but I can see that distraction dissolving during the course of the film. Like "Family Guy," which is sometimes funny but almost always crude, "Ted" is not for everybody. (I truly wonder how MacFarlane is going to treat "The Flinstones" when he revives it.) I do like seeing Wahlberg in the role and can sense the some sentimental parts hidden by all the controversy. "Ted" is playing in theaters everywhere.

A documentary like "Craigslist Joe" would not be around were it not for "Super Size Me" (a film I still revere for it turned me on to docs, thus changing my life forever more). In that film Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonald's for a month, which took a great toll on his body. Spurlock went on to make the TV series "30 Days" in which he would attempt something for a month (i.e. living on minimum wage). I bring all of this up because "Craigslist Joe" looks and feels like an episode from that series. Our protagonist goes one month using only Craigslist for all his needs and wants as he travels across the country. As you might suspect, he meets a lot of crazy people. The film is a commentary on our internet age and besides the antics that appear to ensue carries an emotional message. This doc hits select theaters on August 3rd.

"Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D" is a screen adaptation of the well-known showcase series. Despite the clear stage-mechanics of the performances it is a visual explosion nonetheless. I wish they could have gone more along the lines of what Julie Taymor did on "Across the Universe." It hits theaters on December 21st, but I would still wager that this experience will not compare to seeing a Cirque du Soleil in person ("O" first and foremost).

* * *


The Film Stage recommends "10 Films to See in July." Half you are likely to have heard of, the rest you are likely not to have heard of.

In honor of "That's My Boy" (though nothing should be done to honor that foul excuse for a film) IGN has ranked star Adam Sandler's previous body of work with the "Top 10 Adam Sandler Movies." Funny, neither "Grown-Ups" or "Jack and Jill" made this list... It is no news that Sandler is on a downhill path these days. "Punch-Drunk Love" should have easily walked away with the top spot, but it only got #3. What is your favorite Sandler film?

Rotten Tomatoes returns with a  favorite segment. This time it's "Five Favorite Films with Mark Duplass." The indie star recently hit more screens with "Jeff Who Lives at Home" and "Safety Not Guaranteed." I found it interesting that all of his choices were made within the last 25 years.

* * *


Because of the relative success of "The Amazing Spider-Man" it has been confirmed that it is the first in a trilogy! (Source: Facebook)

Paramount has shut down the Michael Bay produced reboot of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"! Remember how they wanted to make them aliens? Well, you'll never guess that the reason was over script issues. This project is not dead. Instead the release date is being pushed back to May 2014 from the previous December 2013 mark. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

* * *


"Ted," "Magic Mike," and "Madea's Witness Protection" (in that order) were all successes at the box office the weekend before last. As always, Scott Mendelson provides an illuminating analysis.

In honor of Father's Day last month /Film served up "The Best Movies About Fatherhood You Probably Haven't Seen." "Eraserhead" is certainly a bizarre pick (as it is certainly a bizarre film).

 * * *


Here is a 13-minute featurette that takes us behind the scenes of this summer's hottest movie, "The Dark Knight Rises."

Did you catch "The Amazing Spider-Man" over the Fourth of July week/end? If not, I highly recommend doing so. As it is a  reboot of the iconic superhero you don't need to be familiar with the other films, but you may want to refresh yourself nonetheless. This 6-minute supercut of the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy is a quick yet fabulous way to do just that. Major props to this project!

* * *


The second season of "Game of Thrones" recently came to a close, but it is the finale of the first season that is now turning heads (pardon the pun). You see, there was a severed head featured in that episode modeled after the likeness of former president George W. Bush. HBO has apologized concerning the matter, but they have taken things so far to actually pull the episode from airing, availability on digital distribution sites, and future DVDs and Blu-rays until an edit is made. . I find the whole fiasco ridiculous. What should have been a queer easter egg is now a huge waste of time. The real concern should be why they had a bust of Bush laying around in the first place! (Source: Deadline)

Kotaku shares "The Best (and Worst) TV Show Opening Credit-Anthems." "Mad Men" anyone?

* * *

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